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What are the steps to check the diesel generator set before starting?

June 24, 2022
Diesel generator set is a very mobile power generation equipment, the use of the site is not limited by environmental conditions, can be long-term stable for the user to provide electricity, so many areas of industry as a backup and emergency power use, in order to make the performance of the unit to better play, and to ensure the safe operation of the unit, the user in the use of diesel generator set, pay attention to some of the pre-boot checks:.
1, check whether the battery wiring is correct or turn on the negative battery switch.
2, check whether the load line wiring is correct.
3, check whether the engine oil is at the specified level.
(1) just started the new machine for the first time to the generator oil sump to add oil, should be added to the oil scale on the scale so far; usually engine oil sump oil level in the oil scale between the upper and lower scale can work normally.
(2) If the oil is not enough, you need to add oil, add oil as follows.
unscrew the oil filler cover mouth, add oil to the engine to between the upper and lower scale.
(3) The oil should be selected according to the different ambient temperatures and the level of oil that is suitable for it.
(4) the new machine just started should remove the upper end of the supercharger for oil pipe nuts, add 50 ~ 60ml of clean oil to lubricate the supercharger bearings, reinstall the supercharger oil pipe.
Note: When adding oil, if there is oil overflow, to be cleaned.
4、Check the cooling water
(1) just started with the new machine or the first time after the overhaul to add coolant to the engine, add coolant method as follows.
a. Check all the water release switch Jun closed.
b. Open the exhaust valve switch on the water main pipe.
c. Slowly add coolant to the radiator tank to exclude the air in the waterway, when the exhaust valve no water bubbles out, close the exhaust valve switch.
2) Continue to add coolant to the radiator until the radiator liquid level is higher than the height of the heat sink (about 20-40mm from the top of the tank).
3) Check whether the seam on the outer surface of the radiator of the water tank is blocked, if there is a need for timely cleaning.
Note: The coolant should be added to meet the specifications and is prohibited to add during engine operation.
5, check whether the fuel tank in the "high" and "low" between the oil mark, such as not enough to fill the fuel, and check whether the switch is on.
6、Check the status of the air switch (must be in the off position).
7、Check the three leaks
After filling the oil and water, visually check whether the engine has oil, diesel and water leakage, if so, please find the cause and troubleshoot.
Through the above check items, diesel generator set to start before the check is complete, at this time can be connected to the battery, start the generator, when pressed the start button, hear the sound of an explosion in the cylinder, then start successfully, after a successful start to immediately release the start button or key switch, otherwise it will damage the starter motor.