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What brand of diesel generator is good quality?

April 20, 2022
The so-called "cheap is not good, good is not cheap". Generally speaking, second-hand or diesel generators with poor parts are sold at a lower price. It is better to buy an original factory diesel generator with guaranteed quality than to buy this kind of generator for a small repair in three days and a major repair in five days.
At present, the diesel generator brands on the market include Volvo, Cummins, Perkins, Yuchai, Shangchai, Ricardo and so on. When purchasing diesel generators, users can choose from the performance of diesel engines and motors based on their actual conditions. Don't be greedy for cheap, buy low-quality machines such as deck machines and refurbished machines.
Generally, diesel generators are mainly divided into four parts: diesel engine, generator, control system, and accessories. The diesel engine is the power output part of the entire unit, accounting for 70% of the cost of the diesel generator set. It is the link that some unscrupulous manufacturers like to cheat.
Reminder 1: Beware of fake decks
At present, almost all well-known diesel engines on the market have imitation manufacturers. Some manufacturers use these imitation machines with the same appearance to pretend to be famous brands, and use the means of making fake nameplates, printing real numbers, and printing fake factory materials to achieve the purpose of greatly reducing costs. . It is difficult for non-professionals to distinguish deck machines.
Reminder 2: Beware of refurbishing old machines
All brands have refurbished old machines, and it may be difficult for non-professionals to distinguish them. However, there are still some flaws in the refurbished machine, such as paint, especially the dead corner paint, which is difficult to be consistent with the original.
Reminder 3: Beware of confusing people with similar factory names
These manufacturers are opportunistic. They dare not do decks and refurbishments. They just make a name for themselves in the name of the factory and the name of the diesel engine, and use the name of the similar factory to confuse the sound with the name of the diesel engine. For example, some manufacturers use pinyin or homophones or even use the same words to register their own brands, such as: a certain Cummins generator set company, KMS generator set, etc., actually have nothing to do with the Cummins engine, just registered a certain power generation Engine Co., Ltd. is only the name, and has nothing to do with the "Cummins" trademark. The generator sets with various brand-name diesel engines purchased by these manufacturers are all called XX Cummins generator sets.
Reminder 4: Beware of small horse-drawn carts
Confuse the relationship between KVA and KW. Treat KVA as KW to exaggerate power and sell it to customers. In fact, KVA is commonly used abroad, and KW is the effective power commonly used in China. The relationship between them is 1KW=1.25KVA. Imported units are generally expressed in KVA, while domestic electrical equipment is generally expressed in KW, so when calculating power, KVA should be converted into KW at a 20% discount.
Don't talk about the relationship between common (rated) power and standby power, just say one "power", and sell standby power as common power to customers. In practice, standby power = 1.1x normal (rated) power. Also, the backup power can only be used for 1 hour out of 12 hours of continuous operation.