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What causes the oil pressure of the diesel generator set to be too high?

June 16, 2022
Diesel generator sets must pay attention to control the oil pressure within the specified range during work. No matter what type of diesel generator set is started for 1 minute, if the pointer of the oil pressure gauge does not change, the user should pay attention and stop it quickly for inspection. , After finding out the cause and eliminating the fault, restart the diesel engine and observe the change of the pointer of the oil pressure gauge, because the oil pressure is too low or too high, which will affect the lubrication quality of the diesel generator set, and then affect the normal operation of the generator set. Electric Power will introduce you to the reasons for the high oil pressure of diesel generator sets and how to solve them.
The following reasons will cause the diesel generator set oil pressure to be too high
The reasons are:
1. The oil viscosity is too large.
2. The pressure limiting valve is not adjusted properly or the spring is too hard.
3. The oil filter is blocked and the top of the bypass valve cannot be opened.
4. The bearing clearance is too small.
5. The oil pipeline after the oil pressure gauge is blocked.
The methods of exclusion are as follows:
1. Check the viscosity of the oil
Take the oil dipstick out of the crankcase, put a few drops of oil on your fingers, and rub with your fingers to see if the viscosity of the oil is too large.
2. Check the pressure limiting valve spring and bypass valve spring
Check to see if the pressure is too tight or the elasticity is too strong. This should be adjusted, cleaned or replaced in time.
3. Check the bearing clearances and the oil pipes in the cylinder
For a newly repaired engine, check whether the bearings are overtightened and whether the oil passage in the cylinder body leading to the crankshaft bearing is blocked. If there is a blockage, it is most likely to cause a tile burning accident.
Diesel generator oil pressure must be paid attention to, because once the engine oil pressure is too high, it will easily increase the load of the oil pump and accelerate its wear, and at the same time, the friction surface of the parts will be short of oil or oil will be cut off, which is easy to cause accidents. , the user should not let the small problems of the unit become irreversible big problems because of small mistakes.