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What circumstances can determine the diesel generator set to be disassembled for overhaul?

July 22, 2022
Diesel generator set in the process of use, inevitably will occur a variety of failure problems, some failures only need simple processing can be restored to normal, while some failures by the maintenance staff inspection and judgment, sometimes need to be disassembled for overhaul processing, so what is the basis of diesel generator set overhaul? Top Bo power by more than ten years of experience can tell you whether the diesel generator needs to be overhauled, but also need to look at the specific fault performance and operation of the actual working conditions, when the following problems, it is necessary to overhaul.
1, the cylinder body has obvious cracks, oil leakage, water leakage, gas leakage.
2, diesel generator set burning tile, cylinder pulling caused by the unit can not rotate.
3, diesel generator sets with load capacity significantly reduced, the generator set temperature is too high.
4, large smoke emissions, smoke color white, black, blue.
5, excessive oil consumption, exhaust gas (crankcase) too much, sudden rise in the crankcase oil level.
6, the generator set operation process appears abnormal metal impact sound.
7, generator winding burned or shell charged.
8, cylinder liner bore wear serious, its roundness or cylindricity reached or exceeded the use limit. Conventional under the roundness of 0.05-0.063 mm, cylindricity of 0.175-0.250 mm, multi-cylinder diesel generators to wear heavier cylinders as the basis.
9, crankshaft journal, connecting rod journal serious wear, its roundness or cylindricity has reached or exceeded the specified limits.
10, cylinder pressure dropped significantly, less than 75% of the rated pressure, there is an abnormal sound in the cylinder, and the sound does not disappear after the machine heats up.
11, fuel, lubricant oil consumption seriously exceeds the standard, oil pressure drops, exhaust smoke.
12, starting difficulties, or even stop in operation, in the water temperature of 60 ℃ still can not start smoothly.
13, the power dropped significantly, when the throttle is very large, the power issued by the diesel generator is less than 75% of the rated power.
14, the crankcase temperature rises significantly, diesel generator vents and oil filler mouth foggy smoke, exhaust gas with oil.
In addition, whether or not a fault, when the cumulative use of diesel generator sets reach 9000-15000 hours, must also be a major repair, otherwise there may be serious potential for failure, after the overhaul of the diesel generator can generally be restored to a higher performance, but after all, not a new machine, coupled with the performance of the break-in period after the overhaul and the different quality of each brand, the performance of the whole machine will vary.