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What do I need to pay attention to when storing diesel generator set fuel?

June 17, 2022
Nowadays, many enterprises are equipped with diesel generator sets to prepare for utility power outages or when the power is unstable, diesel generator sets in operation need to meet the provisions of clean diesel fuel to ensure higher reliability and lower fuel consumption, which involves the storage of diesel fuel, if stored improperly, it will likely cause unit failure or even bring safety risks to your business, so in the storage of Diesel fuel, the user needs to pay attention to what issues?  
First of all, we need to clear a question, how long can diesel fuel be stored?
Generally speaking, once diesel fuel leaves the refinery, it starts to oxidize. When diesel fuel oxidizes, deposits form in the diesel fuel that can irreparably damage your generator. Although the oxidation process can be delayed by keeping diesel fuel at a lower temperature (below 21°C), diesel fuel usually only lasts for about 6 to 12 months. Therefore, it is essential for users to know how much diesel fuel they have on site and how long it has been sitting in the tank.
When storing diesel fuel in tanks, Topper Power recommends that users minimize the amount of empty space in the tank, as this can allow moisture to accumulate and over time, water contamination is a very real threat to any diesel fuel storage unit, including but not limited to degradation of fuel quality.
Storage and Tank Provisions
Regulations regarding diesel fuel storage units vary from region to region. Each region has some different regulations, so it is important to know some of the relevant local regulations before installing or placing a fuel storage tank on your diesel generator.
Before purchasing and storing diesel fuel, you need to know whether your tank is underground, in a tank or above ground, whether it meets local structural and leak-proof measures, and appropriate repair, modification or reconstruction measures.
Optimal conditions for storing diesel fuel
In addition to storing diesel fuel at slightly cooler temperatures, there are several other considerations for safe storage of diesel fuel.
1. Make sure you are storing your diesel fuel in a segregated area. If you are using an above-ground tank, it is a good idea to build some sort of canopy or fence around the tank to keep water out and reduce the amount of sunlight that hits the tank directly. If your fuel tank is located underneath your generator set, you will need to make sure it is on a level or raised surface to help facilitate access.
2. Pay close attention to your fuel tank so that water does not accumulate. Do not allow water to accumulate on the top or sides of the diesel tank, and check the inside of the tank regularly to make sure no water has accumulated inside.
3. Keep your fuel tank away from any ignition points. If there are any electrical outlets near the tank, have an electrician check them for safety.