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What do I need to pay attention to when using antifreeze for generators?

June 29, 2022
Antifreeze is an indispensable cooling medium for the normal operation of diesel generator sets, one is to the unit water tank antifreeze, in winter will not freeze and expand and blow up; second is to cool the engine, when the engine is running, with antifreeze as a circulating cooling liquid effect is very obvious.
Generator in the winter when the temperature drops below 0 ° C and no insulation measures and stop working, the cooling water in the cooling system will be ice, water into ice volume expansion, will occur in the body, water tank, cylinder head and water pump cooling system components are propped up cracked, therefore, whenever the diesel generator operation is over, the user should put the cooling water net, while the cooling system must be filled with antifreeze, in order to improve the generator In order to improve the service life of the generator, the top Bo power recommends that users use Yuchai special antifreeze.
In the choice of antifreeze should be how to choose? It is recommended that you choose antifreeze with a freezing point about 10°C lower than the minimum temperature in the area where the generator is operating, leaving more points of surplus to prevent sudden big temperature drops at certain times. For example, if the minimum temperature in Beijing is -15°C, you should choose an antifreeze with a freezing point of -35°C.
Notes on the use of antifreeze
1, before adding antifreeze to clean the generator set cooling system with clean water, the best conditions to use softened water or deionized water for cleaning, to prevent the production of new chemical deep sink, affecting the cooling effect.
2, pay attention to check the height of the antifreeze level and the sealing of the cooling system, start the engine after a few minutes to continue to add antifreeze to the required height.
3, different manufacturers, different types of engine antifreeze, can not be mixed, otherwise the performance of the antifreeze will be reduced, and even lead to unit corrosion.
4, if the liquid level is lower than the specified scale, it needs to be added to the specified level, and the antifreeze added must be the same manufacturer and the same grade of antifreeze.
5, regular replacement of antifreeze, add to prevent leakage, antifreeze has red, green and blue several, leakage is easy to find, once found to dry the leak and check the leak;.
Generator antifreeze replacement cycle.
(1) light load antifreeze / inorganic salt type antifreeze, the replacement cycle according to 24 months / 3000 hours, to the first to a period of time.
(2) heavy-duty antifreeze / organic acid type antifreeze, the replacement dam base according to 36 months / 5000 hours, to the first to the period.
6, ethylene glycol is toxic, if stained skin should be quickly washed with water, ethylene glycol will burn when it meets fire, help do not weld or use open fire near the body of antifreeze leakage, ethylene glycol boiling point is 197.4°C, so the water in the antifreeze is easy to evaporate, after using a certain time to add water.