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What is the diesel generator relay control system?

May 17, 2022
The relay control system consists of three parts: diesel generator, AC brushless synchronous generator and control panel. Its main control objects are the diesel engine and control panel in the automatic diesel generator set. As a diesel generator set that provides electrical energy, it is required to be able to automatically control the work to meet the requirements of modern communication and network development. With the development of computer technology, the automation technology of diesel generator sets is becoming more and more mature. The professional controller adopts microprocessor technology, replaces the logic circuit composed of relay control and discrete electronic components with various integrated circuits, until it develops into an automation system with a dedicated controller as the core. Its performance characteristics are generally low in cost and high in performance. High, in practical applications, each has its own merits.
The automatic diesel generator set is mainly composed of mains monitoring, oil-electrical monitoring, self-starting controller, display alarm device, mains switching circuit and oil-electrical switching circuit. Mains monitoring, oil-electrical monitoring, switching circuit and self-starting controller are all controlled by relay logic.
1) Automatic start and automatic power supply
When the mains is interrupted, the mains switching circuit immediately cuts off the mains power supply circuit, and at the same time, the mains monitoring circuit makes the starter motor run through the self-starting controller, thereby starting the diesel generator set. After the start is successful, the lubricating oil will rise. When the oil pressure rises to the specified value, the oil pressure sensor will be started successfully, and the control circuit of the electromagnetic field valve of the lubricating oil circuit will be connected. The pressure lubricating oil of the engine pushes the cylinder piston, which drives the throttle handle to move in the direction of speed-up. Under the action of the speed-up limit controller, the diesel generator works at the rated speed. At this time, under the action of the automatic voltage regulator, the generator outputs the rated voltage. Then, the diesel generator electric switching circuit is turned on, and the diesel generator generator starts to supply power to the load.
2) Automatic shutdown after mains recovery
After the mains is restored, under the action of the mains monitoring circuit, the diesel generator power supply circuit is first cut off, and then the mains switching circuit is put into work, and the load is powered by the mains. At the same time, the self-starting controller makes the stop electromagnet act to control the throttle of the diesel generator. The diesel generator first runs at low speed and then automatically stops.
3) Fault shutdown and alarm
During the operation of the unit, when the outlet temperature of the cooling water reaches 95℃±2℃, the temperature controller will send out an audible and visual alarm signal through the system controller and cut off the load. At the same time, the stop electromagnet will act, and the diesel generator set will stop running.
During the operation of the diesel generator set, when the oil pressure of the lubricating oil is lower than the specified value, the contact of the low oil pressure alarm sensor is closed, and the controller sends out an audible and visual alarm signal through the display alarm device, and at the same time cuts off the oil-electrical switching circuit, and then stops. The electromechanical magnet runs, and the diesel generator set automatically stops. When the speed of the unit exceeds the rated speed, the high-cycle relay in the diesel-electric monitoring circuit will act, and the diesel generator set will automatically stop.
The relay control system is one of the more important equipment in the power system or power equipment. It plays a preventive role on whether the power equipment can operate well, and can improve the safety factor of the power equipment.