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What is the problem that the charging ammeter does not indicate charging after starting the diesel generator set?

June 29, 2022
Some users found that after the diesel generator set start to rated speed, charging current meter no charging indicators, open the battery ventilation cover also did not find signs of charging, for the fault phenomenon, top Bo power professional technician said, this kind of this fault is generally due to charging line break or voltage regulator damage caused by. We know that the diesel generator to power equipment and charging to the battery, require its voltage stability, so that the voltage is always maintained at a certain value of the basic constant, it is necessary to adjust the generator output voltage, if the regulator is damaged, it is possible that the charging ammeter no charging indication phenomenon. Users can be investigated from the following aspects.
Failure causes.
1, the battery and diesel generator between the connection wire disconnected or poor contact.
2, the diesel engine fan belt is too loose.
3, voltage regulator damage.
4, the generator rotor burned or carbon brush and slip ring poor contact.
5, grounding switch is not connected.
Troubleshooting methods.
1, carefully check whether the battery and diesel generator between the connection wire is connected firmly, if the connection wire is found to be disconnected or poor contact timely processing.
2, the fan belt tightness check, the standard is to use your finger to press the center of the belt, should be able to press 10 ~ 20mm distance, the belt is too loose will make the driven accessories do not reach the required speed resulting in charging generator voltage drop;.
3, remove the regulator magnetic field wiring, connect it to the battery terminals together and observe the ammeter charging situation.
4, remove the regulator cover, press the contact arm by hand to close the low-speed contact. At this point the ammeter indicates charging, indicating that the battery can not be charged due to the regulator regulation voltage is too low and caused by.
5, after adjusting the regulator spring, the above fault was eliminated.
When the charging ammeter does not indicate charging after the diesel generator set is started, the user should promptly investigate the cause of the fault and make adjustments according to the above method