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What is the relationship between the temperature rise of diesel generator sets and factors such as air temperature?

April 20, 2022
The temperature rise of the diesel generator set is closely related to the environmental temperature, air humidity and other factors. When using the generator set, the user should pay attention to the surrounding environment temperature and air temperature, and let the generator set start under suitable environmental conditions to ensure the good use of the generator set. performance.
For a diesel generator set in normal operation, theoretically, the temperature rise of the generator (motor) should be independent of the ambient temperature under the rated load, but in fact it is still affected by factors such as ambient temperature.
1. When the temperature drops, the temperature rise of the normal generator will decrease slightly. This is because the winding resistance r decreases and the copper loss decreases. For every 1°C drop in temperature, r drops by about 0.4%.
2. For self-cooling generators, the temperature rise increases by 1.5-3°C for every 10°C increase in ambient temperature. This is because the winding copper losses increase as the air temperature rises. Therefore, temperature changes have a greater impact on large motors and closed motors.
3. For every 10% higher air humidity, due to the improvement of thermal conductivity, the temperature rise can be reduced by 0.07 to 0.38°C, with an average of 0.19°C.
4. The altitude is 1000m as the standard.