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What is the role of the diesel generator voltage regulator? How to adjust it?

July 22, 2022
We know that the diesel generator has high speed, its issued voltage is high, low speed, its issued voltage is also low, and the voltage regulator has the automatic load shedding characteristic to protect the generator, mainly to keep the basic stability of the generator's terminal voltage. The diesel generator can produce a large voltage when it works, and it needs to regulate the voltage during the whole process of power generation. When the generator load is rated, the voltage automatic regulator keeps stable and unmoved, and then the excitation current, voltage and main excitation current of the generator are stable and unchanged.
Diesel generator set voltage regulator mainly has silicon controlled automatic high voltage and phase compound excitation automatic voltage regulation of these two, its specific adjustment methods are as follows.
1, silicon controlled automatic voltage regulation
This regulating method refers to the use of series or integrated into the excitation circuit of the silicon controlled excitation current, so that the output voltage of the generator with the change of load and automatic adjustment.
There are various ways to control the SCR: one is to use the single-junction transistor oscillation circuit to generate a trigger pulse, change the charging voltage of the capacitor, thereby controlling the time of the trigger pulse, changing the conduction angle of the SCR; the second is to use the switching characteristics of the transistor, change the charging voltage of the capacitor, control the conduction time of the transistor and generate a trigger pulse, which can also control the conduction angle of the SCR.
2, phase re-excitation automatic voltage regulation
For the start and operation of the load changes in the special equipment, the use of phase reexcitation automatic voltage regulation is better, in the special equipment power supply, the generator control part more use phase reexcitation automatic voltage regulation. With appropriate parameters, the excitation current required by the generator is supplied, so the voltage can be automatically adjusted to keep the voltage stable within a certain range. Because of this characteristic, it is more used in engineering construction and special equipment.