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What is the specified range of oil pressure for diesel generator sets?

May 17, 2022
There are generally two types of lubrication methods for diesel generator sets: pressure lubrication and splash lubrication. During the operation of the diesel engine, if the oil pressure is too low or too high, the lubrication quality of the diesel engine will be affected. Therefore, the oil pressure must be controlled within the specified range when the diesel engine is working.
The oil pressure of 135 series non-supercharged diesel engines should generally be controlled at 0.25~0.35MPa (2.5~3.5kgf/cm2). The oil pressure of supercharged diesel engines should be controlled at 0.35~0.45MPa (3.5~4.5kgf/cm2)
No matter what type of diesel engine is started for 1 minute, if the pointer of the oil pressure gauge does not change, it should be stopped quickly for inspection. After finding out the cause and eliminating the fault, restart the diesel engine and observe the change of the pointer of the oil pressure gauge.
During the process of the diesel generator set from low speed to rated speed, the oil pressure should gradually increase. After the diesel engine reaches the rated speed, the oil pressure will slowly recover to the specified value. To adjust the oil pressure, the 135 series diesel engine is equipped with a pressure regulating valve on the side of the oil filter, remove the nut, loosen the lock nut, turn the adjusting bolt with a screwdriver, when screwing in, the oil pressure rises; When the oil pressure is reduced, after the adjustment is completed, the nut can be tightened. It should be specially reminded that if the oil pressure is still too low after adjustment, the quality of the oil suction plate and the oil should be checked.