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What needs to be done for the daily maintenance of diesel generator sets?

May 17, 2022
We all know that diesel generator sets need to be regularly maintained according to the operating time, but in addition to regular maintenance, users cannot ignore the daily maintenance of diesel generator sets. Only by starting from subtleties can diesel generator sets be effectively used. , Dingbo Power reminds the majority of users: Correct, timely and careful maintenance can ensure the normal operation of diesel generator sets, reduce wear and tear, prevent failures, prolong service life and reduce operating costs. So what needs to be done for the daily maintenance of diesel generator sets?
1. Check the engine oil level. When the engine runs continuously for 8 hours or one working day, the oil level should be checked once. The oil level should be placed between the upper and lower limits of the oil dipstick. If it is insufficient, it should be added in time.
2. Check the engine coolant level
1) Keep the coolant level of the engine radiator higher than the working level. If it is insufficient, it should be added enough. When adding coolant, first check to ensure that all the water drain switches are closed, and then open the exhaust valve switch on the water outlet main pipe, slowly Add coolant to the radiator of the water tank to remove the air in the water channel. When no water bubbles emerge from the exhaust valve, close the switch of the exhaust valve.
2) To keep the connecting pipe joints from leaking, make sure that there is no air in the inner cavity of the cooling system (except the radiator).
3) In order to avoid accelerated corrosion of the radiator, the radiator should be filled with coolant as much as possible.
4) The coolant cannot be added while the engine is running.
5) Do not tidy up the radiator, open the radiator cover or remove the radiator connection hose when it is not cooled.
6) Do not open the housing protection cover when the fan is running.
3. Check the fuel level in the fuel tank to see if the fuel level is between "high" and "low", if not, add fuel.
4. Check and eliminate the "three leaks" such as water leakage, oil leakage and air leakage.
5. Check the working conditions of various instruments and observe whether the readings are normal. The damaged electrical components should be repaired or replaced in time.
6. Keep the whole machine clean and free from dust and dirt, and electrical equipment must not be oily to avoid short circuits.
7. Check and maintain electrical wiring
1) Check whether the cable is damaged, if any damage is found, it should be dealt with in time.
2) Check whether the installation fasteners of electronic components, battery wiring, and starter wiring are loose. If they are loose, they should be dealt with in time.
3) Check whether the connectors of various components, sensor connectors, cables and fastening screws are oily or loose, and deal with them accordingly.