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What protective measures should be done when transporting 1000KW large diesel generator sets over long distances?

July 01, 2022
Most diesel generator sets in the completion of the transaction are required for long-distance transport, large diesel generator sets are generally lifted by forklift to the truck, for some more remote, mountainous roads or large vehicles difficult to enter the area, the user should explain in advance with the generator manufacturers, so that manufacturers can do a good job of protective measures for different road conditions for the transport of generators.
Some users will find that the transport to the project unit, after unloading for on-site machine motor bearing noise is particularly large, far beyond the normal range, the disassembly and inspection found that the cause of the failure was not packaged for transport to take anti-bumping protective measures, resulting in irreversible fatal damage to the bearings. Therefore, in the long-distance transportation of large diesel generator sets, in order to avoid similar problems, the generator packaging and transportation must pay extra attention to the following protective measures.
1, large generator operation during transportation, the bottom of the unit should be rubber or wooden boards and other flexible materials to do support, to ensure that the generator in the process of transport does not cause rigid collision of the bearing system due to bumpy road conditions.
2, the conditions allow should be used to protect the packing box.
3, through the bearing system fixed bracket, limit the displacement of the bearing in the process of transportation.
4、Do the necessary dustproof and rainproof measures. Especially in the rainy season, appropriate methods should be used to ensure that the generator is not infringed by external factors.