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What should I do if my diesel generator set used in the open air is caught in the rain?

July 06, 2022
Most of the diesel generator sets are installed indoors as an emergency backup power supply, but there are some units that need to be used occasionally in the open air, outdoor use, when the thunderstorm season, rain, sometimes it is too late to do a good job of covering, the unit was wet by the rain is inevitable, the rain diesel generator sets can not continue to use directly, must do a good job of the corresponding protective measures to exclude the late operation of the Safety risks, the following methods can effectively restore the diesel generator set to a better state, for your reference.
1, if the diesel generator set is soaked in rain, the first thing the user must do is to use water to rinse the diesel engine appearance attached to the mud and debris, and then use metal cleaner or washing powder to remove the surface of the oil and dirt.
2, one end of the diesel generator support up, so that the oil sump oil drain parts in the lowest position, spin down the oil screw plug, pull out the oil scale, so that the water in the oil sump out on its own, when the flow to just to put out the oil should be slightly let the oil and water together to put out part of the screw plug after the spin on the oil drain. If the amount of oil is not much, then all the oil should be put clean and then re-inject new oil.
3、Remove the oil tank, put all the oil and water out of it. Check whether there is water in the diesel filter and oil pipe, if there is water, it should be drained. Clean the fuel tank and diesel filter, and then put it back to the original place, connect the fuel line, and add clean diesel oil in the tank.
4. Remove the intake and exhaust pipes and muffler, and remove the water stored inside. Open the decompression, shake the diesel engine to see if there is water discharged from the inlet and exhaust port, if there is water discharged, continue to shake the crankshaft until all the water in the cylinder is discharged. Install the inlet and exhaust pipes and muffler, add a little oil in the air inlet, shake the crankshaft for several turns, and then install the air filter. If the diesel engine into the water for a long time, flywheel rotation difficulties, indicating that the cylinder liner, piston ring has rust, should be removed to remove rust, clean and reassemble, rust serious to replace.
5, remove the generator air filter, remove the filter on the shell, take out the filter element and other parts, in addition to the water in the filter, clean the parts with metal cleaner or diesel. Filter for plastic foam, to wash with washing powder or soapy water (banned gasoline), then rinse with water, dry, and then dipped in the appropriate amount of oil (dip after squeezing dry by hand). The same oil immersion should be done when replacing the new filter. If the filter element is made of paper, it should be replaced with a new one. Filter parts clean, dry, and then installed in accordance with the provisions.
6, release the sewage in the tank and waterway, clean the waterway, add clean river water or boiled well water until the water float rises. Open the throttle switch and start the diesel engine. After starting the diesel engine, pay attention to observe the oil indicator rise, listen to the diesel engine has no abnormal sound. After checking whether the parts are normal, break in the diesel engine, the break-in order is idle speed, then medium speed, then high speed, the running time is 5min. after break-in, stop and drain the oil. Re-add new oil, start the diesel engine, medium speed operation for 5min, can be used normally.
The above is the open-air use of diesel generator set was rained on the emergency treatment.