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What should I pay attention to when buying a commercial diesel generator set?

June 09, 2022
Stable power supply is a necessary condition for the survival and development of enterprises. Therefore, enterprises need a commercial diesel generator to ensure that the power supply can be started in the event of a power outage caused by a power grid failure, so as to avoid unnecessary losses caused by power outages. In this article, Dingbo Electric Power introduces all the information you need when purchasing a diesel generator, so that you can choose the most suitable diesel generator set for you.
First, let's take a look at how commercial standby diesel generator sets work?
Compared with domestic diesel generators, commercial diesel generators are stronger, more durable, and more widely used. Generally, commercial diesel generators have larger power and size, and run longer.
When the power grid is cut off, the power transfer switch on the diesel generator set will trip immediately, the diesel generator can be started instantly in the event of a power failure, and any equipment connected to the diesel generator set will wait until the power supply with little or no interruption. Moreover, when the grid power is restored, the generator will automatically switch back to the main grid and wait for the next use, and in this process, there is no need to manually start the generator to supply power to the equipment.
As long as the fuel in the fuel tank is sufficient, the diesel generator can be started at any time to provide a stable power supply, which is very helpful for enterprises that need electricity during a power outage. Moreover, the diesel generator is started and shut down through the Tingboyun management system. There is no need for manual damage to the site, and the generator set can be controlled remotely by using a computer or mobile phone in the office.
What kind of commercial generator do you need?
Different industries and different uses have different power requirements for diesel generators. For example, when using diesel generators on construction sites, in general, large-scale diesel generator sets with high power such as 2000KW or more are required to meet the requirements. The power requirements of its various large-scale equipment, and for office power supply and other places, then you may need a low-power diesel generator that can power your entire building or office lighting and various office equipment, such as 30KW Diesel generator sets.
When choosing a generator set, you need to calculate how much the total power of all your equipment is, and then choose a diesel generator with more power than the total power you need, so that you can run the generator set at the most suitable load, but not Overloading is also not wasteful.
The question of operating costs and economic benefits of your generator
It can make your business have a stable and reliable power supply. Buying a diesel generator may be the best deal, although diesel generators are not cheap at the moment. But in the event of a power outage, the money lost by the business can exceed the cost of the generator, and it can even be devastating for some industries to lose product due to a power outage or to the productivity of employees who are unable to work due to a power outage. A power outage for several days can cost a business a lot, but what if it happens a few times a year? For a shopping mall, for example, what if there is a power outage on the biggest shopping day?
When other businesses are stuck in the predicament of power outages, you may be the only business or shopping mall in the area that continues to operate. Then, customers who are caught in a power outage will flock to your business and shopping malls. It can be seen that equipped with diesel generators and economical Benefits are closely related.
Many SMEs have low profit margins. A bad day without power for a few days can be catastrophic, but you can save it with a commercial diesel generator. The cost may seem large at first glance, but consider the long-term problem it solves.