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What should users in high altitude areas pay attention to when purchasing diesel generator sets?

June 27, 2022
Nowadays, with the rapid development of the economy, diesel generator sets have been widely used in various areas of the national economy and industry sectors, including some natural environment more special areas, such as deserts, plateaus, etc.. We know that diesel generator sets to output rated power is required to certain conditions, such as
135 series, 190 series diesel generator sets can output rated power under the following conditions, and can work continuously for 12 hours under rated power conditions (including 1 hour under 10% overload conditions).
(1)Ambient atmospheric pressure 100kPa;
(2) Ambient temperature 25°C;
(3) Air relative humidity 30%.
If the use of environmental conditions and the above provisions do not meet, the unit output rated power according to the diesel engine correction method for correction.
Diesel generator sets for desert areas can output rated power and work continuously for 12 hours in the rated manner under the following conditions
(including 1 hour of work under 10% overload conditions).
(1)Altitude 1000m;
(2)Ambient temperature 55°C;
(3) Air relative humidity 30%.
The diesel generator set can work reliably under the following environmental conditions:
(1) Altitude not exceeding 1000m;
(2) Ambient temperature 5-40°C, without oil and water preheating device for automated units requires an ambient temperature of 25-40°C;
(3) The relative humidity of the air is not more than 90% (the average minimum temperature is 25°C).
And is located in the plateau of the user in if in the purchase of diesel generator set does not understand the relationship between altitude and diesel generator set power, it is likely to lead to the purchase of diesel generator set can not be used, so in order to be able to normal use of diesel generator set, high altitude area users to buy diesel generator set to pay attention to what?
In general, the use of diesel generator sets are in the altitude of ≤ 1000 m. Plateau area of low air pressure, thin air, oxygen containing wind less, this point for the naturally aspirated diesel generator sets, will produce due to the lack of air intake and combustion conditions become poor, so the diesel generator sets will not issue the original specified calibrated power. Once the altitude exceeds 1000m, the output power of the generator set will need to be corrected accordingly. Altitude did not rise 300m, diesel generator output power is reduced by 4%. Therefore, when purchasing a diesel generator set, high altitude users should ask the generator manufacturer to calculate the required power according to the altitude to avoid buying small.
The temperature of the environment at high altitude is lower than the temperature of the plains, plus the thin air of the plateau, diesel generator set start performance in the plateau area is relatively poor, so it is recommended that users should take the appropriate temperature-assisted measures when using diesel generator sets.
It is also worth noting that generator manufacturers recommend that users choose to use pressurized closed cooling system, rather than open cooling cycle, this is because the boiling point of water with the rise in altitude is constantly decreasing, while the high altitude cooling air pressure and cooling air quality are poor, which increases the heat dissipation of the unit, so high altitude areas are more suitable for the use of pressurized closed cooling system.
Top Bo power reminds high altitude users, plateau and flatland environmental differences will lead to a decrease in the power of the generator, and diesel fuel consumption is increasing, the heat load is rising, in the purchase and use of diesel generator set must always pay attention to, otherwise it will not only have a great impact on the efficiency, but also cause certain economic losses.