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What users should know about the starting battery of diesel generator sets

June 14, 2022
The battery is an essential part of the diesel generator set when starting. At present, the commonly used lead-acid batteries are mainly divided into two types: dry-charge batteries and maintenance-free batteries. The voltage of a single battery is 12V, and the voltage of two batteries in series is 24V. Dingbo Power will introduce to you some knowledge about the starting battery of diesel generator sets that users should know.
Cleaning of the battery
The cleaning of the battery is also very important. If there is dirt, it is likely to cause short circuit, voltage drop and discharge. Especially in wet weather, we should pay more attention to the cleaning of the battery. Clean batteries and cables, and tighten battery electrodes. Dry the battery with a damp cloth to keep the cable connector dry and tight. If the battery is corroded, the user needs to disassemble the battery cable and use a wire brush to brush off the corrosion. When cleaning batteries and cables with a baking soda solution, do not allow cleaning fluid to enter the battery. Rinse the battery and cables with clean water and dry the battery with a dry cloth. The electrolyte is conductive and corrosive. Add 500 g of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) to a container with 4 L of water and stir to neutralize the solution. Pour the neutralizing solution over the leaking electrolyte and continue adding the neutralizing solution until signs of chemical reaction (foaming) have completely ceased. Rinse the resulting solution with water and dry the area.
battery charging
When the diesel generator set is used as a backup power source, the user can use the battery charger to keep the battery fully charged. When the diesel generator set is running, the generator of the engine will charge the battery. If the generator set is in temporary mains operation, the controller circuit will discharge the battery during the intermittent period of the generator set. If the battery charger has no power, put the controller in mains mode, or remove the battery from the genset.
Charged but unused batteries need to be charged once a month. The charging time should be determined according to the storage time:
The storage time of the battery is more than 3 months, and the charging time is 8 hours;
The storage time of the battery is more than 1 year, and the charging time is 12 hours.
Note: When charging, it should be carried out in a well-ventilated environment. There should be no sparks or open flames nearby, and the charger should not be near water.
battery replacement
Since the Dingbo series diesel generator sets use maintenance-free batteries, it is not necessary to check the liquid level and specific gravity of the battery electrolyte. When the battery is old or damaged, it must be replaced. To disconnect the battery float charge source before replacing, use a tool with an insulated handle. When disconnecting the battery, disconnect the negative wire first. When reconnecting the battery, connect the negative (-) wire last. Do not connect the negative (-) battery wire to the positive (+) terminal on the starter solenoid.