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What will happen when the diesel generator set parts wear out?

June 28, 2022
The wear process of diesel generator sets is composed of natural wear and accidental wear, natural wear is a phenomenon that is inevitable when the set is in normal operation, while accidental wear such as premature rapid increase in load or sudden accidents resulting in wear, which can be delayed or even avoided.
Diesel generator set parts wear after the easy to see the phenomenon
1, deformation
Diesel generator set in the process of use, due to the role of force, so that the size or shape of the parts to change the phenomenon called the deformation of parts.
Diesel generator set of parts, especially the cylinder block, cylinder head and other basic parts of the deformation, will seriously affect the performance of the corresponding assembly and the service life of the diesel generator set. The study of the mechanism of parts deformation and its impact factors, the prevention of parts deformation and deformation of the maintenance of parts has very important significance.
The deformation of the parts include elastic deformation and plastic deformation of two kinds. Elastic deformation refers to the metal in the removal of external forces can be fully recovered after the part of the deformation. Elastic deformation is very small, generally not more than 0.1%-1.0% of the original length of the material. Plastic deformation refers to the permanent deformation of the part of the material that cannot be recovered after the external force is removed.
2、Fatigue fracture
Fatigue fracture refers to the fracture of the part only after repeated cycles of stress or energy load. Parts fracture in the process of use, about 60% -80% of fatigue fracture. It is characterized by fracture when the stress is lower than the tensile strength or yield limit of the material. Whether it is a brittle material or plastic material, its fatigue fracture in the macroscopic are no obvious plastic deformation of brittle fracture. Diesel generator sets in the gear teeth break, crankshaft fracture, etc. are mostly the result of fatigue fracture.
Generally speaking, the wear of diesel generator sets will go through the grinding stage, stable wear stage and acute wear stage, we should take measures to reduce the degree of wear, as short as possible to shorten the grinding time, most parts are generally in the stable wear stage, once it turns into the acute wear stage, it must be repaired or replaced.