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Which industries or units must be equipped with diesel generator sets?

June 20, 2022
In recent years, due to the rapid development of the economy and the uneven distribution of resources has caused a serious shortage of electricity in some areas of China, coupled with the increasing requirements of various industries for power supply, making the role of diesel generator sets in the development of the national economy is increasingly important, so you know which industries or units must be equipped with diesel generator sets? The following diesel generator manufacturers - top Bo power to introduce you in detail.
First, the unit can not be disconnected
Such as banks, hospitals, aviation, military command centers, etc., these are a power supply load units, these units once the power outage will cause significant political and economic losses, personal injuries and other major accidents, in order to reduce the incidence of accidents, the need to prepare diesel generator sets as a backup power supply. At present, the demand for diesel generator sets for such units is gradually increasing.
Second, the utility supply is not the unit
Remote areas of water conservancy, construction, islands, radar stations, etc. because of the remote location, no grid power supply, the use of grid power supply costs more, and must use electricity operations, so only equipped with diesel generators as a self-powered.
Third, the need for mobile power station units
Such as train power carriage, airport temporary power car, emergency power generators, etc., need mobile diesel generator sets to provide power, mobile power station is easy to move, flexible operation, with good sealing, safety, while being widely used in construction sites, highway and railroad construction and temporary locations with electricity, etc.
Fourth, the building equipped with fire-fighting equipment
High-rise buildings must be equipped with diesel generator sets, which is the state regulations, in order to community fire safety, must be equipped with diesel generator sets for elevators, firefighting and other special, fire-fighting equipment driven by electricity, in order to prevent the impact of sudden power cuts, the need to configure diesel generator sets.
Fifth, the lack of electricity units
China's power supply there are seasonal, regional imbalances, for the lack of continuous and perfect power supply units, in order to ensure the production and operation order, the need to purchase diesel generator sets as an alternative power supply, to prevent massive economic losses.
The above-mentioned units, because of their various special characteristics, also have high requirements for electricity, so they must be equipped with diesel generator sets as a backup power source to prevent production activities from being affected, in addition, other units should also do a good job of planning the power supply, if necessary, should be equipped with generators early, in case of emergency.