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Which of the many types of diesel generator sets is better for your business?

June 16, 2022
Nowadays, diesel generator sets have been used in a wide range of applications, usually for: residential, commercial, agricultural, construction and industrial manufacturing. Also with the constant updating of technology, there are more and more types of diesel generator sets, and for users who do not know much about complex power solutions, it may be difficult to decide which diesel generator set is best for their business. To choose a suitable diesel generator set, in addition to the correct selection of the power of the unit, there are issues such as generator efficiency, noise, safety, etc. also need to be considered, for this reason, the generator manufacturer Top Bo Power has compiled the following selection guide for you to help you choose the most suitable unit for your business among the many types of diesel generating surface sets.
Open type diesel generator
An "open set" diesel generator set is usually a relatively good choice, and used in open areas, noise is not a problem, open diesel generator set is easier to maintain and operate, low price. All of Topper's open set diesel generators are made of high quality thick steel with high quality anti-vibration mounts to achieve the longest possible life of the unit. Anti-slip and anti-vibration bases are also provided to ensure the stability of the units during operation. We manufacture diesel generator sets with greatly reduced noise levels. All of our diesel generators are designed with the end user in mind, with easy to use features, quality service and maintenance.
Quiet Box Type Diesel Generators
In areas where noise is critical, such as the basement of a building, a generator with a "silent cabinet" may be the ideal solution. Our silent box type diesel generator box structure material is made of anti-corrosion cold rolled steel plate, fixed on the base, the box surface according to the port machinery paint coating requirements for moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, sunlight, salt spray special paint and process for painting, paint film thickness > 1mm. box surface selection of high-performance anti-corrosion imported paint, box shell using automotive painting technology, its high quality sound insulation to ensure The noise level is significantly reduced.
Our quiet speaker generators ensure low noise performance in outdoor environments. Our R&D team has designed our quiet box diesel generators to provide our customers with easy to use and maintain generators with all the features needed for diesel generators to meet your home and commercial needs.
Containerized Diesel Generators
"Container" diesel generators offer outstanding reliability and efficient redeployment capabilities. Containerized diesel generator sets are built into standard shipping containers. They are completely self-contained, which is useful for businesses that need a fast and scalable power solution for construction sites and other temporary work areas. TopPower containerized diesel generators use a standard container structure box with a built-in diesel generator set and a special set of equipment and accessories.
Although the container size may be large, the box is user-friendly with doors on both sides and built-in service lighting for easy maintenance. Moreover, TopPower containerized diesel generators can be designed and customized to meet your specific requirements for generators and are built to last, with a range of different sizes available. The containerized solution is ideal for businesses or applications that require a portable diesel generator.