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Why can't I add tap water directly to the diesel generator set cooling system?

June 17, 2022
At present, most of the diesel generator sets purchased cooling method is water-cooled system, water-cooled diesel engines have a very complex set of cooling water circulation system, including water tanks, water pipes, fans, radiators, water pumps and temperature controllers, etc.; the cooling medium of the cylinder liner, cylinder head, lubricating oil, etc. is directly cooled by water, so if the cooling system needs to add water, the user can not directly add tap water to the water tank? The answer is: No! The answer is: No!
Water can be divided into hard water and soft water in terms of whether it has dissolved minerals, and like the high content of minerals in tap water, is hard water, if directly to the diesel generator set to add tap water, the minerals in the heat will be easy to deposit in the water tank wall and water jacket and waterway wall and the formation of scale and rust, so that the engine heat dissipation capacity becomes poor, easily lead to engine overheating. Top Bo power warm tip: If you use hard water, it must be softened beforehand, softening methods usually have heating method and adding lye (commonly used caustic soda) method.
Add the cooling water method
Diesel generator cooling water should be clear, good quality soft water, such as rainwater, snow, better quality tap water or clarified river water.
In winter, when the temperature drops below 0°C, and the unit has no insulation measures and stops working, the water in the cooling system will condense into ice, and the volume of the water will expand after the ice is formed, and the cooling system parts such as the body, water tank, cylinder head and water pump will be cracked, so it is best to fill the cooling system with antifreeze, which can not only play the role of antifreeze and cooling, but also can take into account the effect of rust prevention, scale prevention and mold prevention. It can also be used to prevent rust, scale and mildew.
Antifreeze issues of note.
1, not multi-brand antifreeze mixed use, because different brands of antifreeze composition will be different, a variety of additives are likely to occur between the chemical reaction, resulting in additive failure, the role of antifreeze greatly reduced or not work.
2, add attention to check whether the antifreeze is in the warranty period, such as has expired can not be added.
3, regular replacement of antifreeze, replace the old antifreeze all clean, and then add the new antifreeze after the cooling system clean.
4, it is strictly prohibited to use water, water use affects the durability of diesel generator set antifreeze, anti-corrosion properties will also decline, the performance of diesel generator set will have a certain negative impact.
5, the southern region due to the year-round temperature is relatively high, it is impossible to reach sub-zero temperature, so the generator set on the use of normal soft water cooling can be.