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Why don't businesses choose natural gas or gasoline generators for backup power?

June 09, 2022
For a long time, when considering the configuration of power supply equipment in major industries, whether it is used for common power supply or backup power supply, diesel generators are the preferred power equipment, so why do these large enterprises and large units not choose natural gas or gasoline generators Well, this is actually determined by the relevant performance and use of the generator. Therefore, before you choose a diesel generator set, you should first understand what the diesel generator set can provide you and what problems can it solve?
First of all, diesel generator sets can provide uninterrupted power
Diesel generator sets can provide reliable and stable power supply in a timely manner when the public power grid fails or is powered off. It can switch power supply at critical moments to ensure the safety and normal operation of equipment. For example, special equipment such as elevators operating in high-rise buildings can be protected from power outages by installing diesel generator sets. In the manufacturing industry, it can switch power grids in time to avoid production interruptions with minimal energy loss. The influence of electricity, in the hospital, through the diesel generator set, can protect its intensive care unit, emergency room, operating room, etc. Because every second is very important in these places, there is no room for power outages, because the normal and stable supply of power can mean the difference between life and death. Therefore, when considering the provision of backup power, whether it is used for daily main power Or used for backup power, diesel generators are in a leading position. As a decision maker, choosing a diesel generator is the most correct choice.
Secondly, the maintenance of diesel generator sets is relatively easy
Now, many business owners prefer to have diesel generator sets, one of the main reasons is that diesel generator sets are easier to maintain. We all know that the engine design of diesel generators is simpler and works more efficiently. Compared to gasoline and natural gas generators, diesel generators have fewer parts and therefore require less maintenance. In addition, diesel generators generally do not require replacement or rebuilding of engine parts, and the cost of replacing damaged parts is also lower than other types of generators.
Third, another most important reason why diesel generators are chosen by many business owners is the durability factor.
Diesel generators have a robust housing and are ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Even if the weather conditions are very bad, it will not affect the normal and stable operation of the diesel engine. Therefore, diesel generators have a longer lifespan than gasoline and natural gas generators. Moreover, the operation of diesel generators is very simple and does not require too many professionals. In addition, diesel generators are also easy to clean, because diesel generators have almost no uncovered parts, and their key components are well protected from the outside environment.
Finally, many business owners choose diesel generators, diesel is more economical
Fuel is the main factor that distinguishes diesel generators from other types of generators such as gasoline and natural gas. Diesel generators use less fuel while producing more energy output. Although the cost of diesel may be slightly higher than natural gas, gasoline. But because diesel generators use less fuel, they can provide more energy. Diesel generators can generate more energy with less fuel, both in the short and long term. What's more, diesel is safer than gasoline because diesel is not flammable and can be stored for longer periods of time without degrading its quality.