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Why is it important to maintain generators? What are the benefits of proper maintenance of diesel generators?

July 08, 2022
Correct maintenance of diesel generator sets, especially preventive maintenance is the most economical means of maintenance, is to extend the service life of diesel generators and reduce the cost of use of the key, so users should refer to the content of the diesel generator maintenance manual, special working conditions and experience, to develop a different maintenance schedule, and strictly enforced.
With the continuous progress of science and technology and the rapid development of the economy, all industries are equipped with diesel generator sets as an emergency backup power supply, in case of power outages or power restrictions can be normal power supply, but the service life of the unit and work reliably or not, not only depends on its own structural perfection, the quality of the product and the correct use of the method, but also closely related to whether the maintenance can be carefully maintained, the correct Generator maintenance can provide the following benefits.
1. Improve its service life and efficiency
Maintaining your generator will allow it to run at maximum capacity - for longer. Regularly inspecting the equipment allows you to catch and fix small problems early before they become larger, ensuring that the equipment is running when you need it. When properly maintained, industrial and commercial generators can last up to 20 years or more, depending on the amount of use. Regular maintenance and repairs can help extend the life of your system.
2. Make sure your equipment is safe
For safety reasons, your equipment also needs maintenance. Worn components or exceeding maintenance intervals will result in inadequate voltage regulation, excessive fuel use, long load recovery times, and possibly premature engine, radiator, alternator, or control system failure.
The following are five important safety tips to keep in mind when operating an industrial diesel generator set.
v Follow the manufacturer's instructions
v Keep the area around the generator clean and tidy
v Take proper electrical precautions
v Do not smoke around the generator
v Always wear protective equipment
3. Make sure it is ready when you need it
With proper testing, you will be confident that your generator is ready to be used when you need it. Running the unit intermittently for a few minutes while your business has power will help ensure that the generator will be ready to work during the next power outage.
Factors that may require more frequent maintenance include
n Continuous use of the generator as the primary power source
n Extreme ambient temperatures, such as extremely hot or cold climates
n Exposure to weather, salt water and air contaminants such as dust and sand
n Contaminated or poor quality engine fluids (fuel, oil, coolant)
What does commercial/industrial diesel generator maintenance consist of?
General inspection: Check for mechanical problems that may cause dangerous situations or affect the efficiency of the generator. Typically, it is necessary to check.
Control system, electronic system, engine, exhaust system, fuel system
Load test
A load test checks the rated capacity of the generator. You may never use the full capacity of the generator, but this test ensures that it will operate at maximum efficiency when used in an emergency.
Switchgear/Distribution/ATS Maintenance
Your switchgear is critical to supporting power distribution and automatic transfer switches. Switchgear failure can be catastrophic and can waste your time and money.
Proper maintenance of diesel generator sets, especially preventive maintenance is the most economical means of maintenance and is the key to prolonging the service life of diesel generators and reducing the cost of use. Therefore, users should refer to the contents of the diesel generator maintenance manual, special working conditions and experience in using diesel generators to develop different maintenance schedules and strictly enforce them.