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Why is the bottle of diesel generator set oil not marked with "shelf life"?

June 24, 2022
Diesel generator set oil (lubricating oil) for the normal and stable operation of the unit plays a vital role in the selection of engine oil, users should choose the right brand of engine oil according to the local season and temperature, and must pay attention to the quality level of engine oil and viscosity level of these two indicators, careful users may also find, usually the bottle of engine oil are not marked "shelf life ", why is this?
Diesel generator set oil does not have a strict storage shelf life, which is different from the general food and medicine, this is because the performance of the oil is more stable, in the case of proper storage generally will not affect the performance of the oil, so at present the state does not strictly specify the shelf life or expiration date of the lubricant is how long, and the oil is fast selling supplies, and will not have a long sales cycle, no need to mark Too long a warranty time, so the shelf life standard for motor oil becomes a problem, so it is generally not marked with a shelf life.
However, this does not mean that it does not have a shelf life, although there is no strict shelf life, but the oil shelf life is generally in the range of 3-5 years, depending on the state of the oil to determine the specific time. For motor oil, expiration means a decline in lubrication capacity or other performance and is not suitable for continued use. The nationally mandated shelf life of motor oil is 5 years, but environmental factors have a significant impact on the shelf life of motor oil. Temperature, moisture, dust, acidity and alkalinity can all have an effect on preserved lubricants, so shelf life has to be relative. If the oil is still unopened, the shelf life can be up to 5 years, while the shelf life of the remaining oil after diesel generator set maintenance is one year, and the shelf life of the oil poured into the engine is about 8-12 months.
How can I tell if the oil is expired?
Under normal circumstances, lubricating oil should be clear, translucent or transparent liquid, if the lubricating oil is oxidized, the color will change, in addition, when it is found that the lubricating oil becomes cloudy and the transparency decreases, it means that the oil quality of the lubricating oil has changed, if the smell is sour and smelly, it all means that the lubricating oil has deteriorated. In addition, if the viscosity of the oil can all be observed to change significantly (become thin and thick) and the traits are not uniform, then it should not be used further.