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Why should the speed of the diesel generator set be controlled within a reasonable range?

May 17, 2022
Diesel generator sets generally use the number of revolutions of the crankshaft per minute to represent the speed, that is, revolutions per minute (r/min). Of course, the required speed of the diesel engine is different in different places. The fixed equipment includes diesel generator sets, water pump sets, etc. The speed of the diesel engines used is generally fixed. For example, the speed of the 50Hz diesel generator set sold by JUNVOCH is 1500r/min.
For diesel generator sets, it is very important to maintain a reasonable operating speed range. Because it can effectively reduce wear and prolong the service life of the unit. Especially when the diesel generator set is started, the crankshaft speed is low, the oil pump of the unit does not supply oil in time, the refueling temperature is low, the viscosity of the oil is high, and it is difficult to establish liquid lubrication on the friction surface, and the wear is very serious. The friction of diesel generator sets increases with the increase of speed and load. Because the unit pressure on the friction surface increases when the load increases, the thermal condition is not good. When the rotational speed increases, the number of frictions per unit time increases by half, and under the same power, the increase in rotational speed is greater than the wear when the load increases. However, too low rotational speed also increases wear because it cannot ensure good fluid intercalation conditions.
In addition, when the diesel generator set frequently accelerates, decelerates, stops and starts and other unstable work, due to frequent changes in speed and load, the diesel generator set has poor lubrication conditions, unstable thermal state, and increased wear. Tingbo Electric reminds all users: When using diesel generator sets, adjust the speed to a reasonable speed range to reduce the wear and tear of the unit and maximize the performance of the unit.