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are the causes and hazards of the three leaks phenomenon in diesel generator sets?

May 17, 2022
Diesel generator sets may experience "three leakages" during use, that is, oil leakage, water leakage and air leakage of diesel engines, which are very harmful. Users should fully understand the causes and hazards of "three leakages" in order to When encountered, it can be repaired in time to reduce the incidence of unit failures and prolong the service life of the unit. The following JUNVOCH will introduce to you the causes and hazards of the "three leakage" phenomenon of diesel generator sets?
1. Reasons for the "three leakage" phenomenon of diesel generator sets
1. The friction and wear caused by the mutual movement of the parts during the operation of the diesel engine gradually changes the geometry and size of the parts.
2. Due to improper use and maintenance, such as loose screws, loss of sealing rings and gaskets.
3. Improper disassembly and installation of parts. No special tools are required for disassembly and assembly, and the parts are deformed, the contact surface is bruised, the surface is not clean, and the contact surface is not tight.
4. The parts are aged and deteriorated. Such as rubber oil seals, water seals, etc., they are corroded by oil or water for a long time, so they deteriorate and deteriorate.
Second, the hazards of the "three leakage" phenomenon of diesel generator sets:
1. Increased fuel consumption, wasted energy, and increased operating costs;
2. Accelerates the wear of mechanical parts, deteriorates the technical state, and reduces the power;
3. Shorten the service life of mechanical parts and increase the repair cost;
4. It is prone to accidents;
5. Affect the cleanliness of the machine;
6. Pollution of the environment.
The phenomenon of "three leaks" in diesel generator sets is very harmful to the unit. It will not only accelerate the depreciation of the unit, but also cause waste of resources and bring huge economic losses to users, because if the diesel engine has "three leaks", it should be repaired in time. .