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Basic principle and structure of Cummins generator PT fuel system

May 17, 2022
The Cummins generator PT fuel system is a patent of the Cummins Engine Company of the United States. The identification letter "PT" is the abbreviation of pressure and time, P - refers to the fuel pressure at the inlet of the injector (Pressure), T - refers to It is the effective time (Time) that allows fuel to flow into the fuel cup of the injector. The PT fuel system is a relatively new fuel system, and it is the symbol that distinguishes Cummins diesel engines from other diesel engines.
Basic Principles of PT Fuel System
The function of the diesel engine oil supply system: the function of the diesel engine oil supply system is to inject the diesel oil with good atomization quality into the cylinder according to a certain fuel injection law at a regular, quantitative and constant pressure according to the working requirements of the diesel engine, and make it mix with the air. It mixes and burns well and quickly, and the conditions under which it works have a major impact on the performance of the diesel engine.
The basic structure of PT fuel system
PT fuel system consists of fuel tank, fuel filter, PT fuel pump, low pressure fuel pipe, fuel injector, rocker arm, push rod, fuel injection cam and fuel return pipe. The PT fuel pump also includes: gear pump, magnetic filter, pulse diaphragm shock absorber, two-pole governor, throttle shaft, solenoid valve, etc.
Engine fuel flow: the fuel pump sucks the fuel from the fuel tank, and sends it to the fuel injector through the filter, governor, etc. According to the design of the PT system, about 80% of the fuel supplied by the PT pump to the fuel injector will be at work. The fuel injector returns to the fuel tank, mainly to cool and lubricate the fuel injector, prevent the fuel from freezing in cold climates, and bring the air in the PT system back to the fuel tank for drainage.