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Diesel generator room noise reduction and noise reduction treatment project

May 07, 2022
Under normal circumstances, the noise of the diesel generator set in the engine room can be as high as 110dB. If no noise reduction and noise reduction treatment is performed, it will cause noise pollution to the surrounding acoustic environment. The three effects of society and environment are integrated, and the diesel generator room needs to be comprehensively muffled and noise-reduced.
The noise reduction treatment project of diesel generator room includes noise reduction treatment of air intake, exhaust air, gas exhaust channel, sound absorption treatment in the engine room, sound insulation treatment of the engine room, etc. The generator set is very noisy, and the noise of the noise source itself If it cannot be reduced, according to the required amount of noise reduction, comprehensive measures such as smoke exhaust, exhaust, sound insulation, sound absorption, noise reduction, and vibration reduction are adopted for the generator.
The specific measures for noise reduction and noise reduction in the diesel generator room include:
1. Muffler in the exhaust flue of the generator: install and design a secondary damping muffler on the exhaust flue of the generator;
2. Sound insulation at the generator air outlet: install an air outlet muffler slot at the generator air outlet; when the diesel engine is working, a lot of heat is generated, and this heat must be pumped (exhausted) out of the engine room to ensure that the temperature of the engine room does not exceed 50 degrees to provide a normal working environment for the generator set.
3. Sound absorption at the air inlet of the generator: install a power inlet muffler slot above the generator in the engine room; each generator set needs a lot of fresh air when working, mainly for diesel engine combustion and generator cooling.
4. Overall sound insulation in the engine room: install sound insulation doors on the doors of the generator room, and install sound-absorbing and sound-absorbing materials on the walls.