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Lubrication system structure and lubrication method of diesel generator set

May 17, 2022
The lubricating system structure of diesel generator set is generally composed of oil pump, oil pan, oil filter, oil radiator, various valves, sensors and oil pressure gauge. Its main function is to keep clean, suitable pressure and temperature. The lubricating oil is sent to each friction surface of the unit for lubrication, so that the diesel engine parts can work normally.
The generator manufacturer JUNVOCH reminds everyone that when the diesel generator set works, the working conditions of each moving part are different, so the required lubrication strength and method are also different. The lubrication of the surface of the parts can be divided into pressure lubrication, splash lubrication and regular lubrication according to its oil supply method.
1. Pressure lubrication
A lubrication method that uses an oil pump to transport lubricating oil with a certain pressure to the friction surface. For example, the load and relative movement speed of the crankshaft main bearing, connecting rod bearing and camshaft bearing are relatively large, and the lubrication methods are all pressure lubrication.
2. Splash lubrication
The lubrication method that uses the oil droplets or oil mist splashed by the moving parts when the diesel generator works to lubricate the friction surface is called splash lubrication. This lubrication method is used for the cylinder wall bearing less load, as well as the lubrication of the cam surface and tappet of the valve train.
3. Regular lubrication
Some external parts of diesel generators only need to be lubricated with grease (butter) regularly. For example, the water pumps and generator bearings of some diesel generators are lubricated in this way. In recent years, some diesel generators will use bearings containing wear-resistant lubricating materials (such as nylon, molybdenum disulfide, etc.) instead of bearings that need to be greased.