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Some Notes About Diesel Generator Set Radiators

May 17, 2022
Diesel generator set is composed of generator, engine, radiator and control system. In the operation of the unit, the radiator always plays an important role. In this article, the generator manufacturer JUNVOCH will introduce to you about diesel power generation. Some precautions for the radiator of the unit.
1. The air inlet baffles and shutters should be able to adjust the gas flow during operation (for example, the narrow-blade shutter assembly has greater resistance than the wide-blade shutter assembly).
2. The radiator must use elastic pipe joints to absorb the displacement and vibration of the diesel generator set to prevent noise transmission.
3. Baffles should be appropriately added near the ventilation inlet and outlet to reduce fan noise and the adverse effects of external wind.
4. When the diesel generator set is out of use in high and cold climates, the automatic switch should close the air inlet and outlet; when the diesel generator set is running, the thermostatic control valve should be partially opened to allow part of the air to be circulated to reduce the intake of cold air. The inlet and outlet switch valves should be fully open when the diesel generator set is started: the cycle control valves should be fully closed when the air temperature is above 60°F (16°C).
5. Except for the cooling air flow that is allowed to circulate in the computer room in the alpine climate, the rest of the ventilation air flow should be directly discharged to the outside, and it is strictly forbidden to heat other rooms (except the generator room)
The above are some precautions about the radiator of diesel generator sets. Diesel generator sets will generate a lot of heat during operation. If the heat cannot be removed in time, the diesel engine will be damaged. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the unit maintains good heat dissipation performance.