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The composition and main types of diesel generator set sensors

May 17, 2022
With the increasing functional requirements of diesel generator sets, the role of sensors is becoming more and more important. Diesel generator sets mainly have three major sensors, namely oil pressure sensor, water temperature sensor and speed sensor. If used or selected improperly, it may cause a lot of trouble because of a small sensor. In this article, JUNVOCH introduces the composition and main types of diesel generator set sensors.
1. Composition of diesel generator set sensor
1. Sensitive element: an element that directly senses the measurand and outputs other quantities that have a definite relationship with the measurand. Not all the measured non-electricity can be directly converted into electricity at one time. The sensitive element is also called a preconverter. For example, various types of elastic elements in sensors are sensitive elements.
2. Conversion element: The element that converts the output of the sensitive element into electrical parameters (voltage, current, frequency, etc.). Such as resistance strain gauges, Hall elements, etc.
3. Conversion circuit: generally refers to a circuit that converts electrical parameters into electrical quantities (voltage, current, frequency, etc.). The conversion circuit plays the role of converting the output signal. Common signal amplifiers, bridges, oscillators and impedance converters, etc., are often assembled with sensitive components and conversion components.
The above division does not have strict boundaries in the actual sensor. A simple sensor has only one sensitive element (also a conversion element), which directly converts the sensed measurement into a power output, such as a hot-spot sensor. For some sensors, the sensitive element and the conversion element are integrated, such as capacitive pressure sensor. The sensor with conversion circuit, the conversion circuit can be assembled together with the sensitive element and the conversion element, or it can be installed in an external circuit box as required.
2. Types of Diesel Generator Set Sensors
1. Oil pressure sensor. It can monitor the amount of lubricating oil used by the generator set at any time. If the lubricating oil is less, the wear of the generator set will increase, resulting in a reduction in the service life of the diesel generator set.
2. Water temperature sensor. It monitors the temperature of the coolant in the generator set's water tank at any time. If the temperature of the water tank exceeds the normal value, it is generally 85 degrees Celsius. If the temperature of the water tank is too high, the cylinder body will be overheated, which will damage the diesel generator set and cause power failure.
3. Speed ​​sensor. It monitors whether the flywheel speed of the diesel generator set is fixed at 1500 rpm or 1800 rpm. To ensure that the voltage and frequency of the diesel generator set are normal. If the speed of the generator set is abnormal, the voltage and frequency of the diesel generator set will not be normal, and other equipment will not be able to be used normally.