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What are the advantages of a four-stroke diesel engine?

May 17, 2022
The power source of the diesel generator set is the diesel engine, which is also one of the important core components of the entire generator set. The common diesel engines are mostly four-stroke diesel engines. Diesel engines are compression ignition engines, not ignition engines. A diesel engine has many of the same components as a typical gasoline engine. Diesel engines have pistons, valves, crankshafts, fuel systems, cooling systems, starting and charging systems, and pollution control systems. Because diesel engines are used for higher loads, these systems are more robust and powerful than those found on gasoline engines.
The advantages of a four-stroke diesel engine are as follows:
1. Low heat load. Due to the large interval of power strokes, the thermal load of the piston, cylinder and cylinder head of the four-stroke diesel engine is lower than that of the two-stroke diesel engine, which prevents thermal fatigue (referring to the parts being damaged due to the reduction of mechanical properties caused by the long-term high temperature) Aspects are more favorable than two-stroke diesel engines.
2. The ventilation process is more perfect than that of the two-stroke diesel engine, the exhaust gas is discharged cleanly, and the charging efficiency is higher.
3. Due to the low heat load, it is easy to use exhaust gas turbocharging to increase the power of the diesel engine.
4. Good economic performance. Due to the perfect ventilation process and full utilization of thermal energy, The fuel consumption rate is lower. Due to the structural characteristics, the lubricating oil consumption rate of the four-stroke diesel engine is also lower.
5. The working conditions of the fuel system are good. Since the crankshaft only has one fuel injection every two revolutions, the service life of the plunger pair of the jet pump is longer than that of the two-stroke diesel engine.