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What are the main factors affecting the price of diesel generator sets in the current market?

May 17, 2022
Diesel generator sets are generally composed of diesel engines, AC synchronous generators, shock-proof bases, control systems, cooling systems and batteries. Different components will have different prices due to different power and brands.
Many users have found that the price of diesel generator sets on the market is always uneven, and the price of some diesel generator sets can even be said to be very different. This makes people wonder, what are the main factors affecting the price of diesel generator sets in the current market? To understand the price of a diesel generator set, we must first look at the components of a diesel generator set. A diesel generator set is generally composed of a diesel engine, an AC synchronous generator, an anti-vibration base, a control system, a cooling system, and a battery. The current market price of diesel generator sets is mainly affected by the following factors:
1. Diesel engine brands: common brands such as Cummins, Yuchai, Shangchai, Weichai, Perkins, Volvo, etc. The prices of different brands of engines are different.
2. Generator: Common generators include Marathon, Stanford, etc. There are brush and brushless generators. Brushless protection-free motors are generally more expensive than brushed motors. Different brands of generators have different prices, and the corresponding diesel generator sets have different prices.
3. Power: units with high power are more expensive than units with low power.
 4. Manufacturer: For the sake of saving money, it is generally recommended to directly choose the manufacturer for purchase. Since the manufacturer saves the middle price difference, the price of the manufacturer is generally cheaper than that of the dealer.
5. Equipment: For example, units equipped with silent boxes, mobile trailers, rain shelters, ATS active conversion cabinets, and four-protection units are more expensive than open-frame units.
6. Other factors: transportation costs, door-to-door installation and commissioning fees, taxes and other costs.