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What causes the increase in fuel consumption of diesel generator sets?

May 17, 2022
The fuel consumption of diesel generator sets is a major standard for measuring the performance of diesel generator sets, and it is also a problem that users are more concerned about. The fuel consumption of diesel generators is generally caused by two factors: one is the fuel consumption rate of the unit itself, and the other is the load. If you want to reduce the fuel consumption of the diesel generator set, you can make the unit run at about 80% of the rated load. But sometimes users will find that the fuel consumption of diesel generator sets suddenly increases, what is going on? In fact, the reasons for the increase in fuel consumption of diesel generator sets mainly depend on the following four aspects:
1) Caused by poor atomization of the injector, generally the better the spray, the finer the nozzle hole, the more fuel-efficient; but if the oil nozzle is not well-worn and sealed, the oil is sprayed in a linear shape, and it will be found that more oil is sprayed out than during atomization. , and when the diesel fuel enters the engine and cannot be burned in time, it will consume a large amount of fuel.
2) The pressure inside the high-pressure oil pump is insufficient. Generally, the better the sealing performance, the higher the pressure, the more fuel-efficient. When the oil pump pressure is low and the seal is poor, the effective stroke of the high-pressure oil pump will become larger, which will make the diesel fuel insufficient to burn and cause high fuel consumption.
3) The air leakage of the booster pipe causes the air pressure pushed into the high-pressure oil pump to be too low when the exhaust gas is recirculated. When the accelerator is increased, the oil pump cannot reach the required oil volume of the engine, resulting in insufficient engine power. If the power is insufficient, the fuel consumption is large.
4) If the inner cylinder pressure of the engine is low and the valve seal is not well sealed, the fuel consumption will be large; if the water temperature in the diesel engine is too high, the compression ratio of the engine will become lower, and part of the diesel will be discharged through high temperature, resulting in high fuel consumption.