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What is a fully automatic diesel generator set? What are its characteristics?

May 17, 2022
Under normal circumstances, the on-off of diesel generator sets requires manual operation, but when manual operation is inevitable, it is necessary to realize automatic diesel generator sets. The automatic switching control system of the automatic diesel generator set is used in conjunction with imported diesel engines, domestic diesel engines and synchronous motors with electronic speed regulation. It can monitor the diesel generator set and mains power, and realize automatic start and automatic switching functions, without the need for operators to be specially on duty. Widely used in high-rise buildings, post and telecommunications, telecommunications, banking systems, hospitals, oil fields, airports, troops and other key places.
Features of automatic diesel generator set:
1. High thermal efficiency and low fuel consumption rate. The thermal efficiency of some units is as high as 45%, while the fuel consumption rate is 190 grams per kWh, or even lower.
2. The operating cost is low, a variety of fuels can be used, and the requirements for fuel quality are low. It is suitable for burning heavy oil with higher viscosity, and the price of heavy oil is much lower than that of light diesel.
3. High reliability and stable power generation. Usually, the power generation is 90% of the rated power.
4. The load adaptability is strong. When the unit load changes from 50% to 100%, the fuel consumption rate changes little, so the economy is good during peak regulation, and the adaptable load fluctuation range is large.
5. The unit starts quickly and can reach full power quickly. It usually takes only a few seconds to start the diesel engine. It can reach full load within 60 seconds in emergency state, and reach full load in normal state (900 seconds-1800 seconds). load
6. The single-machine capacity is small, and the operation and operation technology is relatively simple, which is convenient for general operators to master. Maintenance is simple and convenient, requires less operators, and requires less maintenance during the standby period.
7. For the generator set matching high supercharge and medium speed diesel engine, its structure is compact (large power per unit volume).
8. Automatic type, noise and vibration can be effectively controlled.