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What is the function of the control panel of the diesel generator set?

May 17, 2022
The control panel of diesel generator set is divided into ordinary generator set control panel and automatic generator set control panel. The main purpose of the diesel generator set control panel is to distribute the electrical energy output by the diesel generator set to the user load or electrical equipment, and also to indicate the operation status of the diesel generator set and to keep the generator voltage unchanged when the load changes. .
The control panel is generally equipped with a voltmeter, a frequency meter, an ammeter, a power meter, a three-phase current transfer switch, a three-phase voltage transfer switch, a voltage setting knob and various indicator lights. For components such as oil pressure gauge, oil temperature gauge, battery charging ammeter, water temperature gauge, start button and starter electric lock, some are directly installed on the control panel panel according to the design requirements, and some are installed on the diesel engine instrument panel. The components installed inside the control panel are mainly related to the excitation mode adopted by the generator and the automatic control of the diesel engine.
Simple control panels are generally equipped with voltage regulators, silicon rectifier diodes, varistors, automatic air switches and current transformers, and more complex control panels are also equipped with overload and short-circuit protection devices, electronic governors, and other components. Silicon control, relays, various fuses and small transformers and other electrical equipment.