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What's the matter with the black smoke when the diesel generator set is working?

May 17, 2022
The exhaust gas discharged from the diesel generator set during normal operation is generally colorless and transparent, but sometimes there will be a phenomenon of high exhaust temperature and black smoke, which is mainly caused by insufficient combustion of diesel. The fuel consumption of the diesel engine increases, the power decreases, and a large amount of carbon deposits are formed on the piston, piston ring valve and combustion chamber. In severe cases, the piston ring will be stuck, and the valve sealing is not strict, resulting in air leakage. At the same time, it will also accelerate the wear of parts, thereby reducing the The service life of the research engine.
1. The fuel supply is too slow. Supplying oil too fast can cause black smoke from the generator set, and supplying oil too slowly, but for different reasons. We all know that diesel is easy to volatilize. If the fuel supply is too slow, the diesel will volatilize into the exhaust port before it is completely burned in the cylinder, which will cause black smoke to burn in the exhaust port. Therefore, in this case, it can be solved by appropriately increasing the fuel supply.
2. The fuel supply of the fuel injection pump is too much. If the fuel injection pump injects fuel too fast, the fuel supply will increase, resulting in insufficient diesel combustion, resulting in black smoke. Adjusting the fuel volume adjustment screw and reducing the fuel supply can be solved.
3. Diesel engine holding tile. When the machine is running, the phenomenon of shoe lock is often encountered. When the load crankshaft and the main bearing shoe are locked, the load of the diesel engine will increase, and the power consumption will also increase, which will lead to an increase in the amount of fuel and the phenomenon of black smoke. If the diesel engine suddenly becomes dull and emits black smoke, pay attention to whether there is a phenomenon of stuck tiles.
4. The diesel engine is overloaded. If the diesel engine is working under overload for a long time, the fuel supply will increase, resulting in insufficient diesel combustion, which can be solved by appropriately reducing the speed.