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What parts does the generator of a diesel generator set consist of?

May 17, 2022
I believe that users who have used diesel generator sets know that diesel generator sets are mainly composed of diesel engines, generators and control systems. So do you know which parts are composed of generators? Today, the editor of Dingbo Power will take you to learn more about the five components of the generator.
1. Rotor
The rotor consists of claw poles, yokes, excitation windings, slip rings, rotor shafts, etc. In a generator, the rotor is used to generate a magnetic field.
2. Stator
The stator is installed on the outside of the rotor and fixed with the front and rear covers of the generator. When the rotor rotates inside it, the magnetic flux in the stator winding changes, and an alternating induced electromotive force is generated in the stator winding.
3. Rectifier
The rectifier of the generator consists of a rectifier plate and a rectifier diode. The function of the rectifier in the generator is to convert the three-phase alternating current of the stator winding into direct current.
4. Voltage regulator
The voltage regulator is used to regulate the output voltage of the alternator.
5. End cap and brush assembly
The end cover is divided into a front end cover and a rear end cover, which play the role of supporting the rotor, stator, commutator and brush assemblies.
A brush assembly is installed on the rear end cover, and the brush assembly consists of a brush, a brush holder and a brush spring. The brushes lead the power supply into the excitation winding through the slip ring, and the two brushes are respectively installed in the holes of the brush holder and are kept in contact with the slip ring by means of spring pressure.