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Generator Industry Analysis Report: China Generator Market Status and Prospect Analysis Report 2021

August 03, 2022
According to the industry analysis report "2021-2027 China Generator Product Market Status and Future Development Trends" released by, the power industry is the field of use of generators, and the United States is the dominant position in the global generator market, generators are other energy sources into electrical equipment, generators in industrial and agricultural production, national defense, science and technology and daily life have a wide range of uses, from In the short term, the production volume of China's generator industry is declining, but in the long term, it is still conducive to the healthy development of the industry.
Analysis of the current situation and prospects of China's generator market
According to the enterprise data, there are 17.54 million generator-related enterprises in China, with 3.11 million new ones in 2020, an increase of 85.75 percent year-on-year, and 3.41 million new ones in 2021 to date.
In terms of geographical distribution, Shandong Province has the largest number of new power generation enterprises, a total of two.07 million new power generation enterprises, ranking first in the province.
Due to the rapid economic development of China's Internet enterprises, the promulgation and implementation of the Internet + and other related national policies, a demand has been made for different industries, and the generator design industry is no exception, because the layout of the machine room is scattered, the management and maintenance efficiency is low, and the manual management model is backward and cannot meet the needs of rapid development.
According to the data, from January 2019, China's internal combustion engine generator sales have been maintaining a low growth trend, and in 2019 is eighty-six point ninety-two million units, due to the upgrade of emission standards, the whole vehicle market sales shrink, lower production, and with the large tons of small standards and other national policies continue to ferment, commercial vehicle sales market pressure, and construction machinery demand is a bit slow, the high base in the early stage, trade Friction impact continues, the related small industry import and export trade decline.
At present, China's generator industry in an era of great change and development, that in the general environment of slowing economic growth, it is necessary to recognize the market situation. So, in the current economic situation, China's power generation enterprises and where to go?
Products pay more attention to energy saving and environmental protection, the current Chinese generator market is characterized by: high concentration, single product structure, the trend of homogenization is obvious, adjust the product structure, broaden the international trade market, expand the export of generator products, but also to increase information technology innovation, and actively respond to technical service trade barriers to promote China's generator exports.
Due to the rapid development of the social economy, the demand for diesel generator sets should also continue to learn to improve, for China's domestic diesel generator sets in the performance slowly improved, the current Chinese diesel generator industry in an important period of product restructuring, product price is not the key factor to determine the market, but the brand, technology, service and other intangible assets slowly become the focus of consumer market attention.
In the future development of clean and environmentally friendly generator sets will slowly replace the backward units, and occupy the main market, because it is the inevitable trend of historical development.

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