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Diesel generator maintenance and maintenance can not forget the 3 things, you remember how many points it

August 03, 2022
Regular and scheduled diesel generator maintenance and servicing is an important part of running generators in most commercial and industrial environments. It can help ensure that your diesel generator set is always in top condition and protect your company from costly breakdowns and interruptions. With proper care and maintenance, you can have confidence in the consistent and reliable operation of your machine. The following are some tips summarized for performing maintenance and repair work on diesel generator systems.
Check your oil
This is a critical step in any or maintenance work scenario and is part of basic maintenance. Make sure you have adequate oil and lubricant levels to prevent excessive engine wear and to help keep the generator cool. This also prevents friction and thermal damage to critical components that are subject to "metal-to-metal" contact, such as gears, pinions, pistons and cranks. It can save you a lot of money on replacement parts and help keep your engine running smoothly. Pay attention to your coolant and water levels as well, as this is a major cause of failure due to overheating.
Inspect and replace moving parts
At the same time, moving parts are subject to wear and tear and should be checked regularly for any signs of damage. Replace any faulty or worn parts immediately. This saves you the trouble of dealing with breakdowns and unplanned downtime. and prevents other parts from being damaged as well. However, loose or worn parts can make the machine inefficient.
Keep it clean
The basic practice of cleaning your generator is a step toward ensuring its reliable operation. After that, a clean engine will run better, and an alternator will work best when it is clean and free of dust or dirt and grime.
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Here is a little more information on what the diesel generator maintenance checklist is all about.  
Diesel generators usually do not require a lot of maintenance to continue running at full capacity. However, in order to keep diesel generators running at peak performance and to extend the life of the generator, some routine maintenance must be performed.
Checking the fuel
Fuel is the most important component of a diesel generator's ability to continue to run properly and consistently. Diesel generators can only last longer during emergencies or power outages if they are fully fueled. When the diesel generator has not been running for a long time, it is important to check whether the fuel is deteriorated or expired, so that there is no fuel available in case of emergency.
Check the coolant
Diesel generators can become hot after long periods of operation. They use coolant to prevent the internal mechanism from being damaged by this heat. Coolant should be checked and refilled regularly for optimal operation.
Drain the fuel filter
An often overlooked part of maintaining a diesel generator is draining the fuel filter. Vapors can build up in the filters until they become full. If the fuel filters are not drained at this point, they will no longer be effective.
Testing the Battery
Just like a car, diesel generators need batteries to run. These batteries will deplete over time, so they should be tested regularly. This will help prevent operation from stopping unexpectedly.
Running the engine
We all know that engines must be run from time to time. The generator should be run at one-third of its nameplate rating for about one hour per month.
Checking for exhaust leaks
One of the most important maintenance checks performed on a diesel generator is to check the exhaust system. Exhaust leaks can weaken the power of a diesel generator. They can cause greater problems and may even be dangerous in confined areas.

Final Words

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