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Diesel generator maintenance content

August 03, 2022
First, diesel generator regular inspection requirements
1, Diesel generator room is well ventilated, adequate lighting, no debris to prevent the operation.
2, Diesel generator fuel, lubricating oil system hoses are firmly connected, no leakage in the pipes, and the oil level in the diesel tank is about 2/3.
3, The instruments and display screen power supply, the display is normal, the heater is running normally.
4, The air filter is dry, clean and not broken.
5, The coolant system valve is normal, the coolant tank level is at 2/3, the coolant water quality is qualified, and there is no leakage in the pipe. The air intake filter is clean.
6, The diesel generator set control switch is in automatic position (AUOT), and the diesel generator outlet circuit breaker is in automatic position.
7, The battery voltage is normal and the charger is working normally.
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Second, the diesel generator regular maintenance inspection provisions
1, Lubricant oil level check
2, Coolant level check
3, The daily protection of the battery
4, Lubricating oil replacement.
5, Adjustment of charging generator belt tightness.
6, Air filter cleaning and replacement
7, There are holes or blocked filter must be replaced, otherwise it will accelerate engine wear or power drop.
8, Wipe the shell with a clean cloth, check the rubber sealing gasket, replace the failure or to damage the rubber ring.
9, Check and clean the air cooler.
10, The alternator's should be regularly cleaned and inspected

Final Words

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