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The current situation and development trend of the generator set industry

August 03, 2022
From the development history of steam turbine generators (including gas turbine generators and gas-steam combined cycle generators), it has taken more than 100 years to develop from a few hundred kilowatts to more than one million kilowatts of single-unit capacity.
The current situation and development trend
The capacity of single machine is gradually increased with the development of science and technology, as well as the growth of industrial, agricultural and social power consumption; the formation of power grid has prompted the development of large-capacity units to solve the problem of grid stability; in the market economy, the requirement of improving power generation efficiency has also prompted the development of large-capacity units.
The apparent power of the generator is proportional to the effective length of the stator core, the square of the inner diameter of the stator core, the stator line load, the air gap magnetic density and the synchronous speed. Also can be seen as proportional to the length and diameter of the rotor. The rotor length and diameter are related to the rotor metal material characteristics and smelting and forging ability, while the stator line load and air gap magnetic density are related to the heat capacity of the conductor and the heat conduction of the cooling medium as well as the heat dissipation ability.
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Increase the capacity of the generator, on the one hand, to improve the smelting and forging capacity, forging a larger diameter rotor, improve the performance of raw materials, the use of better insulation materials, etc. Another important way is the application of new cooling methods to improve heat transfer and heat dissipation capacity.
The history of generator development shows that each time the cooling method of generator is improved or enhanced, it will lead to a new level of generator capacity.
Overview of the development of foreign turbine generator cooling methods
As mentioned earlier, the capacity of a single generator increases mainly with the development of cooling methods. The development history of several famous motor manufacturing companies in the world over the past 100 years has gone through several stages, such as air-cooled → hydrogen-cooled → water-hydrogen mixed cooling → full water-cooled. Because the stator and rotor ventilation structure of each company's generators are different, the capacity varies under the same cooling method.

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