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Where should industrial diesel generators be installed

August 03, 2022
In modern times, the need for industrial diesel generators as both a common and standby power source spans many industries, and they are critical to keeping sites running due to their reliability and overall ease of use. However, depending on the size and type, the correct installation location is essential, and selecting and preparing the ideal site is an important step in the installation process. To plan a diesel generator installation, consider several key aspects of the site.
Why is the location of an industrial diesel generator installation important?
Selecting the ideal location for any type of diesel generator is critical for a number of reasons. First, all location choices should focus on meeting relevant local regulations to ensure compliance. Then, consider the functionality of the system. A poor location can reduce the efficiency of the system. When operations require support, it can interrupt the workflow of the location or create potential for failure or poor performance. The ideal location for a diesel generator is one that simplifies operations and enhances the functionality of the location.
Key Considerations - Indoor vs. Outdoor
Options exist to install diesel generators indoors and outdoors, but this does not mean that either option is beneficial for your location. For example, consider the available space. Installing a diesel generator indoors and locating it close to the area where it will be used also takes up valuable floor space that could be better used for other needs. The clearance around all areas of the machine and the diesel generator must also be considered; is there enough space to not only install the diesel generator, but also to walk around it? In addition, the area itself must meet the specific guidelines required by the diesel generator manufacturer. This includes airflow requirements within the space, and it must consider safety.
Outdoor diesel generators also have specific requirements. This includes for example sound and vibration limitations, clearance factors and environmental factors such as wind.
Key Considerations - Types of Diesel Generators
There are typically three generator types. Each of these requires careful selection of the installation area.
A permanently enclosed diesel generator is a diesel generator that is fixed in a specific area and enclosed in its own enclosure. This means that it is usually installed outdoors, requiring it to have enough space dedicated to the diesel generator. A mobile trailer mounted enclosed unit is a unit that is transportable enough to be moved from one area to another within a plant or location, but is enclosed to allow it to operate safely outdoors. This type of diesel generators are popular in the market, in many industries, due to their ease of movement. In this type of diesel generator, it becomes critical to select a space with sufficient capacity to move or adjust the system. In addition to matching the potential site with the type of diesel generator, it can work the other way around - the enclosure must meet the requirements of the site. This means that the enclosure type (soundproof, weatherproof or custom model) and the diesel generator site need to complement each other. A third option is a diesel generator located within the facility - usually a primary or secondary power system fixed to a specific area of the operation.
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In each case, the manufacturer will have specific requirements for the positioning, installation and use of the diesel generator, which are not optional requirements. However, all systems require clearance of various sizes, proper ventilation and stability.
A good place for permanently enclosed diesel generators
A permanently enclosed diesel generator remains stationary, so it often requires the easiest location to operate. For example, a diesel generator's fuel truck must be able to access it, which makes it beneficial to install it close to the road. The area should always be secure and able to handle any type of unexpected event, such as a flood or spill. Most will be enclosed by at least one fence to provide protection and security.
A concrete pad is usually the most ideal surface to install underneath to overcome any type of risk from the soil. The pad must be designed to withstand the weight of the diesel generator. Typically, the pad itself should extend beyond the footprint of the diesel generator, usually extending to one and a half times the overall size of the diesel generator.
A good place for mobile trailer mounted enclosed diesel generators
Preparation of a mobile trailer mounted enclosed diesel generator is less of a concern as the diesel generator itself can be picked up and moved from one location to another. However, consult the manufacturer for proper procedures for locating, using and storing these diesel generators. Some of the smallest versions of diesel generators can fit in a van or truck, while larger versions require a larger vehicle to move them.
Most of these diesel generators are still very heavy. This means that any surface that supports it - from the storage area to the truck - must be able to withstand the weight of the diesel generator itself. Any lifting must be done by an approved system capable of handling the weight. In addition, the diesel generator should have side and head clearance during transport and when used in the field. Anything less than this will limit functionality and safety.


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