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How to use diesel generator sets to reduce wear and tear

August 03, 2022
First, the quality of the fuel and smooth oil of the mobile diesel generator set should be suitable.
If the diesel fuel contains sulfur or other impurities, when the population is low, it will produce acid or other types of corrosive substances, accelerating the wear of the cylinder. Diesel fuel content is so heavy that distillate is too much and forms carbon after combustion, leading to abrasive wear between piston rings and cylinders. The amount of diesel fuel viscosity affects the composition of the gas mixture and the reliability of the oil supply equipment. For smooth oil, viscosity and oxidation resistance have a greater impact. It should be selected and applied reasonably according to the working conditions of diesel generator sets, and should not be abused.
The friction of diesel generator set increases with the speed and load. When the load increases, the unit pressure of the friction surface increases and the thermal conditions are not good. When the speed is increased, the number of friction per unit time is increased by half, but at the same power, the increased speed is greater than the wear when the load is increased. However, because the speed is too low to ensure good fluid smooth conditions.
Therefore, for some diesel generator sets, there is a suitable up and down speed plan. In addition, diesel generator sets often accelerate, decelerate, stop and start unstable operation, due to frequent changes in speed and load, diesel generator sets have poor smooth conditions, unstable thermal state and increased wear. Especially in the start, the crankshaft speed is low, oil pump oil supply is not timely, low oil temperature, high oil viscosity, the friction surface is difficult to establish liquid smooth, very serious wear.
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Second, the temperature of the diesel generator set application environment wear.
When the temperature is high, the engine is easy to overheat, smooth oil viscosity is too low, which will increase the wear of parts. When the temperature is low, the viscosity of the oil increases, diesel generators are difficult to start the group during operation of the cooling water can not maintain the normal temperature, adding parts of the wear and corrosion. Diesel generator set in the low temperature start wear serious.
The operating temperature of the diesel generator set is one of the important factors affecting wear and tear. Under the application conditions, the operating temperature of the diesel generator set is planned to change very much due to the limitation of the cooling system structure, the change of operating load and speed, and the change of ambient temperature. Practice shows that the cooling water temperature control* is suitable for 75-85.

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