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Rental diesel generator set selection considerations

August 03, 2022
The selection of diesel generator sets mainly considers electromechanical performance, unit usage, load capacity and change range, automation function and other factors.
(1) Use of the unit. As diesel generator sets are applicable to three common, standby and emergency situations. Therefore, there are different requirements for different uses of diesel generator sets.
(2) Load capacity. Select the load capacity and the range of load variation according to different uses, and determine the individual capacity of the diesel generator set and the capacity of the standby diesel generator set.
(3) The environmental conditions for the use of the unit (mainly referring to the altitude and climatic conditions)
(4) The selection of diesel generators
(5) The choice of generator and excitation method
(6) The choice of diesel generator automation function
1, the lubricant is not used on time. Different types of lubricants should be used in different seasons. Some diesel generators burn tile is caused by using low viscosity lubricant in summer, and the contact surface of shaft tile can not produce oil film.
2, the lubricating oil is not clean. If unclean lubricating oil is added in the body, it will block the oil circuit and lead to burning tile.
3, do not pay attention to the observation instrument. Diesel engine normal operation, oil pressure should be (0).15 ~ 0.25) MPa idle oil pressure is not less than 0.5 MPa. many mechanics rarely pay attention to the oil pressure gauge, so do not find fault hidden in time.
4, add oil is not appropriate. If there is too much oil, the engine is easy to burn oil during operation and produce carbon deposits. If too little, it will burn the tile and hold the shaft due to poor wetting. Generally speaking, the oil level is suitable for the upper and lower scale of the dipstick.
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5, long-term overload will lead to tile combustion. Due to long-term overload work, high engine temperature, low speed, the bearing capacity of the shaft tile increases, the oil pump oil supply is reduced accordingly, the oil viscosity decreases at high temperatures, * easily lead to tile combustion.
6, the shaft and tile fit clearance does not meet the standard. The clearance is too small, the oil can not easily enter and can not produce oil film layer, the clearance is too large, the oil is easily lost and the oil film layer is difficult to produce. Therefore, during maintenance and installation, it is necessary to ensure that the shaft tile clearance is within the standard range.


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