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Reasons for high temperature of diesel generator sets

August 03, 2022
Reasons for high temperature of diesel generator sets, the following 7 points are what we need to always pay attention to.
1, coolant problems: general diesel generator manufacturers recommend that each customer add antifreeze, add antifreeze has three advantages. 1. can ensure its high boiling point. 2. long-term use will not produce scaling. 3. even if not discharged in winter, the tank will not freeze, that is, the condensation point is low.
2, diesel generator water tank blockage: between the radiator has oil scale, scale and other blockage, will prevent heat dissipation, or radiator mass down, the fan can not blow out, the temperature will rise.
3, the cooling pump failure: the pump itself is damaged, the speed is too low, too much scale deposits in the pump body, narrow channels will reduce the flow of coolant, reduce the cooling performance, so that the diesel oil temperature is high.
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4, the thermostat: the role of the thermostat is to control the size of the cooling system cycle. Generally speaking, when the thermometer at about 85 degrees, the gate valve begins to open, 105 degrees up and down the gate valve open. If the thermostat is damaged, the water temperature reaches a certain temperature, the unit protection system starts, the generator set stops running and alarm.
5, fan speed is low: fan tape is too loose will slip, resulting in low fan speed, the air supply effect is weakened
6, water tank cover damage: water tank cover damage, the temperature is high, it will come out of the antifreeze, resulting in a reduction in the amount of water tank.
7, diesel generator * load operation: diesel generator * load operation, will lead to excessive oil supply. When the heat generated * over the heat dissipation capacity of the diesel generator, the coolant temperature of the diesel generator will also rise. At this time, the diesel generator appears black smoke, increased fuel consumption, abnormal sound and other phenomena.
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