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Rental generator how to do to achieve the effect of fuel saving

August 03, 2022
Rental generator how to do to achieve the effect of fuel saving, the following 5 points are what we need to always pay attention to.
1. Regularly inspect and maintain the diesel generator. Carefully maintain and regularly check and adjust the valve clearance. Oil injection pressure. Oil supply time, etc., timely removal of cooling water jacket scale. Dirt.
2. Regularly remove some minerals or impurities deposited at the bottom of the diesel generator fuel tank. If not regularly cleaned, will affect the normal work of the plunger and injector, resulting in inaccurate fuel supply time. Uneven oil supply. Poor oil atomization and other phenomena, resulting in an increase in the amount of fuel.
3. Maintain a certain water temperature when using. Diesel generator cooling water temperature is maintained at about 45-65 degrees. Water temperature is too low will lead to diesel combustion is not, increase the load of the machine itself. Cooling water should not be used at will waste water. Muddy water or rainwater.
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4. Do not let the diesel generator * load work. Overload transport exercise a considerable part of the diesel fuel into black smoke, not play the proper efficiency, increase fuel consumption, shorten the service life of the relevant parts.
5. Diesel generators to remove carbon in a timely manner. Diesel generator operation, the combustion process of the relevant parts of the high temperature, resulting in the cylinder attached to the gray carbon polymer. Valve seat. Oil injectionnozzle. Piston and other parts, not timely cleaning will increase fuel consumption, seriously affect the normal work of the generator.
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