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What are the installation methods of rental diesel generator sets

August 03, 2022
What are the installation methods of rental diesel generator sets, the following 7 points are what we need to always pay attention to.
1. The installation site is well ventilated, with sufficient air inlet at the generator end and good air outlet at the diesel engine end. Outlet area should be greater than the tank area of more than 1.5 times.
2. The installation site should be kept clean around to prevent placement in the vicinity of acid. Alkaline and other corrosive gases and steam objects. If the conditions allow, should be equipped with fire extinguishing devices.
3. When used indoors, the exhaust pipe must be led to the outdoors, and the diameter of the pipe must be outdoor, ≥ the diameter of the smoke pipe out of the muffler must not * exceed 3 bends to ensure the smooth flow of smoke exhaust, and the pipe should be inclined downward 5-10 degrees to prevent rainwater injection; if the exhaust pipe is installed vertically, a rain cover must be installed.
4. When the foundation is made of concrete, the leveling should be measured with a level ruler during installation so that the unit is fixed on a horizontal foundation. Anti-vibration pad or foot bolt should be set between the unit and the foundation.
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5. The unit shell must have reliable grounding protection. For generators requiring direct neutral grounding, neutral grounding must be performed by * personnel and equipped with lightning protection facilities. Prohibit the use of municipal power grounding device directly grounded neutral point.
6. Bi-directional switches for generators and municipal power must be very reliable to prevent reverse power. The wiring reliability of the bi-directional switch should be tested and approved by the local power supply department.
7. The wiring of the starter battery must be secure.