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Diesel generator set automation technology analysis

August 03, 2022
1 diesel generator sets of the main uses, composition and advantages
With the continuous development and progress of society, diesel generator sets equipment is also constantly undergoing development and progress, which makes diesel generator sets more and more widely used in people's lives, although it has achieved better development and achievements, but there are also certain problems. Therefore, the relevant personnel need to continuously improve and perfect it, so as to promote the development of automation of generator sets [1].1.1 The use of diesel generator sets. Diesel generator sets belong to power generation equipment, the use and application of this equipment are very wide and popular among the masses. In some places is very suitable, for example: forest, mining, pastoral areas, the equipment not only as an independent power supply, to provide power and lighting electricity, but also as an emergency backup power, for example: in the construction, hospitals, banks and other places there are power outages or blackouts can use the equipment to restore power supply. 1.2 The composition and advantages of diesel generator sets. Although the volume of diesel generator is relatively effective, but also by a number of parts, the most important part of the diesel engine, control panel, battery, AC synchronous generator and fuel tank and other equipment. In addition, diesel generator sets have many advantages, such as: high capacity, high operating efficiency, low fuel consumption, high safety, and simple and convenient operation and maintenance.
2 Problems of the automation system of diesel generator sets
With the wide application and use of generator sets, so this puts forward higher requirements for the equipment and technology. In order to make the diesel generator set more simple and convenient in the process of use, the automation technology of diesel generator set also puts forward a lot of more specific requirements; in order to meet the various requirements and conditions of the society and the market, the relevant researchers of diesel generator set also gradually start to develop to the field of automation technology. Although it has been well developed, there are still problems in use. 2.1 The automation controller is insufficient in stability and reliability. China's diesel generator set controller compared with the western countries, its in the controller in the function is not much difference and difference. The main deficiency of the automation technology of our diesel generator sets is the stability and reliability, which is mainly because the manufacturer only pays attention to the function of the controller when producing diesel generators, ignoring the actual application, thus causing the utilization of some products to be relatively low, which causes an unnecessary waste of oil and gas resources. In addition, if the diesel generator set itself has too many functions, then its operation will become more difficult and complex, and also put forward higher requirements for the use of their own skills. Therefore, for this situation, the manufacturer in the production of diesel generator sets can be simplified when the function of the automatic controller, retaining the most important functions can be, and on a certain basis to improve the automatic controller and improve, so as to ensure the simplicity and convenience of the equipment. At the same time, the excitation control module can be added to the automatic controller, and the module can be applied to improve the quality of diesel generator sets and the stability and reliability of operation [3]. 2.2 The remote monitoring technology of diesel generator sets needs to be improved. At present, most of the remote monitoring technologies for diesel generator sets use the client/server (C/S) network model. Since the client and server can be directly connected in this mode, when there are a large number of data requests from the client at the same time, the data and information on the server will be consumed and processed frequently, resulting in the server not being able to receive the data requests from the client in a timely manner. The execution of the work also requires the installation of software on the client, which makes the maintenance of the client, system upgrades are more difficult, and the skills and abilities of the operators themselves are higher, even with special training. For the browser/server architecture, the original model is broken, the user can directly use the browser to implement remote monitoring of the generator set, the operator does not need to upgrade work and maintenance work between each customer, the system can be upgraded and maintenance directly through the server to achieve, this way the workload and cost have been significantly reduced and reduced. The browser/server mode is also user-friendly and the operation process is very simple and convenient, just using the browser function on the client, you can effectively monitor the diesel generator set equipment remotely. And there are no high requirements for operators, and no need for professional training to operate, the technology is very conducive to the promotion. Based on the Web technology platform, using the browser as the client's unified program to achieve remote monitoring has become the main direction of the development of the equipment. However, most of the diesel generator sets used C / S architecture has been unable to meet the needs of customers and the current requirements of social development, which requires continuous improvement and updating of diesel generator sets and remote monitoring systems and technologies.
3 Conclusion
To sum up, with the continuous development of society, China's various technologies are also developing with the development of society, in more and more industries have also used automation technology, become the main way of development of various enterprises. The realization of automation technology in the diesel generator set can not only effectively improve the efficiency of the generator set, but also effectively reduce the use of oil and gas resources, which has a very important meaning and role for the diesel generator set.

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