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Current problems and maintenance of generator sets

August 03, 2022
1 Diagnosis of common faults in hydroelectric power station generator sets
1.1 Diagnosis of generator set faults by traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis method
In the traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis method is concerned with the look, smell, ask and cut, the first "look", that is, in the diagnosis of the doctor to observe the patient's appearance, by the patient's color and so on to see where the disease, "ask" is the doctor to ask the patient the specific process, through the patient's account to understand The way to understand the disease. Hydroelectric power station diesel generator set for sale failure is like a sick "patient", we can be extended by the traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis in the "look" and "smell" to diagnose diesel generator set for sale failure. method.
"Look" - to diagnose the generator set, the first need for maintenance personnel to observe the appearance of the generator set to determine the model, age, condition and location of the need for repair. The production date on diesel generator set for sale is clearly marked on the production date, so you can accurately determine the age, experienced maintenance personnel even after observing the use of the generator, you can find the fault.
"Ask" - maintenance technicians according to the generator failure to understand the specific situation from the power station personnel, such as generator failure performance, generator model, maintenance status and use of habits. When communicating with the power station staff, carefully note down the fault and the part of the fault described by the staff, so as to make an accurate repair plan, and after understanding the maintenance status during the in-depth conversation, give the power station good suggestions and opinions, so as to maintain diesel generator set for sale after the repair.
After the inquiry, the maintenance staff basically determined the part where the fault occurred and the cause. The information provided by experienced hydro power plant staff is basically accurate, which saves time and manpower by avoiding unnecessary generator inspections by the maintenance staff. Even if the staff is not very experienced, through the conversation can basically determine the condition of the failure, to learn some useful information. There are many reasons for generator failure, such as the generator set power supply system, generator set mechanical system, generator set ignition system and other electrical control system, all may cause the generator set can not work. Through the conversation with the staff, we understand the phenomenon that the generator set is difficult to start, sometimes good and sometimes bad, and most of the failures occur after the generator set has been out of use for a period of ten minutes. The use of communication with the hydropower station staff, quickly and quickly troubleshooting, to ensure the normal operation of the generator set.
Many of the reasons for the failure of the generator set are related to the use of years, after a period of time, many failures come one after another, some of the surface does not seem to be insignificant failure, does not seem to affect the normal work of the generator set, but after the inspection of the maintenance personnel will find these failures, these hidden problems should not be ignored.
1.2 Use special instruments and equipment to diagnose the generator set equipment
Instrumentation diagnosis method refers to the use of professional testing equipment, tools and instruments to detect the structural composition of diesel generator set for sale, technical status (such as clearance, vibration frequency, sound energy, infrared) waveform to diagnose the generator set method. The improvement and development of instruments and equipment can accurately make the correct diagnosis of the fault of the generator set and analyze the cause of the fault, and the online testing is fast and accurate.
The use of a variety of modern testing techniques, measuring instruments and equipment to complete a specific test task of the integrated test system, in the generator set fault diagnosis and testing to achieve modernization has an important role. Such as the use of virtual instrumentation technology developed by the generator set testing system, generator set fault diagnosis computer analysis system, diesel generator set for sale performance testing and fault diagnosis system, etc.
2 Hydroelectric power station generator set common faults and maintenance
For those common failures of hydroelectric power station generator sets, power station operators should take effective measures to prevent the generation of common failures of diesel generator set for sale. In order to better make the generator set to work, the hydropower station should be used for the generator set to control in advance, and the establishment of diesel generator set for sale to use the information base, the generator set to use the information stored intact. In the staff to apply for the use of the generator set, the hydropower station should review and investigate the generator set use information database of the previous use of the generator set information, the use of the generator set for staff to make a comprehensive and objective assessment, the appropriate implementation of the generator set use plan, the risk of generator set failure to a minimum.

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